KillerQueen is a very simple (and so not very strong) UCI chess engine for Windows. This means the program doesn't have an internal graphical user interface, but the engine can communicate with a third-party user interface that supports the UCI communication protocol. I recommend the use of a UCI interface instead of playing from the command line, even if not all the UCI protocol commands are supported. The only one interface that I tried KillerQueen with is Arena v1.0. You can download it from:

I think my chess engine will run on others UCI compatibile interfaces (if there are others!). However, if you want to play chess by the command line you just have open the readme.txt and it will explain whatever you have to do. Otherwise you can read the UCI protocol description. Still, I recommend using a UCI interface, you'll enjoy it more!

The first version of the program available to download in this site is KillerQueen 2. Why TWO? Because the very first version of the program was an experimental release, and it was a WinBoard engine (not UCI), but I decided to implement the UCI protocol because I think this protocol is more robust and simple. Anyway Arena actually does support both UCI and WinBoard protocols, so if you are looking for an older version of KQ (there's only one...) you can find it here (both binaries and sources).

KillerQueen is written in C/C++ language, and I compiled it using Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003; I think you could obtain faster binaries if you compile the sources (if available) using other speed-optimized compilers.

For any bug report or any advice, question and other things about KillerQueen please contact me via e-mail. Have fun!

Lorenzo Stella

Author: Lorenzo Stella | Last Update: September 18, 2004