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Hey all, and welcome to my modest home-page. First comes first, a few words about me.

My real name is Tadej Ivan, and notice I am saying a "real name" only because of my singularity and paranoia, which were the two main causes, that on some parts/areas of cyber-space (i.e., forums and stuff), I am known also as David (at least as a second name), and my name is certainly not David, nor half of it.

I am 24 years old male as you probably guessed, and consider myself as preety handome guy. I was born and I still live in a green small town LJUBLJANA in SLOVENIJA in the heart of EUROPE

My involvement with computers started roughly three years ago, when I was still studying architecture, and because of architecture studying I got my second PC (the first one was Sinclair Spectrum +), and well I must confess, that was the main reason to give up with studying. Since then, I am obsessed with computing, and with preety much everything, that's related to it.

This site is dedicated to:


Also note that the counter of people that visited this site (you can see above), was put on the site as late as on 20.10.2004, precisely at 21:00 (9:00 PM), so probably much more people visited it till today, since the site is online for more than a year (or so), well with quite drastic modifications from the beginning though. The upper and smaller number in counter represents all unique visitors, that have visited this site so far, while the lower and greater number represents all separate visits, from the the same users that already visited the site.

And also note that this particular counter, on this particular site was off-line for few hours today (27.10.2004), so probably there were even few more visitors visiting the site. I am just speculating around 10-20 new users (and not re-visitors)

To send me an e-mail:


Anyway, this page was always written/edited by myself, and is updated by me only, mostly "typed-by-hands" (well, and with a bit of copy/paste), and not built on templates, or made with "make-your-own-webpage-in-20-min" programs, mostly because I wanted to know enough HTML (and a bit of JavaScript too), to write my own page.

I also guarantee, there are no malicious scripts (or whatever) hidden and burried inside the site's source code. Currently, there are also no files available to download, for example I rather pasted all registry hacks in text-mode, i.e., actual .reg file contents posted. Also there is also another copy/clone of the site, that is also mantained and updated regulary.

The other sites' links are:



This is just a simple example of JavaScript language, with no purpose really. This programming language is an easy to use/learn one, well-known and commonly embedded in web pages. Just type something in the box, and then click on that "MsgBox" button, and your input will pop-up, displayed in a small prompt-window:

Simple JavaScript MsgBox:

Things yet to be added to the site:

feedback guestbook, a simple text-field for visitor's input (thoughts, opinions, etc.)

reviews of other software I use, beside "security related" ones in software part

various other screenshots, including general app's UI captures, and OS configuration related ones

new tips & hints, tweaks & hacks, including my favorite and crucial performance related .reg files

my home-made batch files, like the ones for backing-up, executing apps with START function, shutting-down PC

descriptions of my favorite apps' usage, for instance flushing modified file system data to disk with sync.exe, etc., etc.

and also many other things are planned too, I just need some motivation and extra time ...

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The main and the "original" reason for making this poorly designed home made home-page (the one you're viewing right now), is the Cheetah CD Burner software. The current/latest version/release is 2.95

It is beause, to get FREE registration (licensed serial number), all I needed to do, was to put a link to their home-page onto my page (see the link below), and you could do the same thing, if you wish reliable and useful CD-burning software.

Cheetah CD Burner links:




I just need to post this here on the beginning, for everybody to read it. It's links to explanations of three computing-related paradoxes (from Explanation Guide Info home-page. It's site with various explanations, definitions, terms and similar (see the the rest of my site for link)

Paradoxes from Explanation-guide.info:

Birthday Paradox

Sleeping barber problem

Dining philosophers problem

And here, I recently added also my Mozilla Firefox's bookmarks.html file. It's quite huge, cause I imported also a collection of my topics and posts on various "tech" forums, that are not in the same bookmark file, but I rather keep them in a separate single file, just as a "pure backup", i.e., storing them if I would need those links, or to re-read some reply to my queries, etc. You can find these bookmarks under Bookmarks -- SystemEN -- MyForum -- Collection

Right-click on it and choose "Save As":


Also see here, how some aspects of my screen-view of desktop appears with my favorite file-manager (other than the default/common Windows Explorer), with some preety minimalistic icons package, and the default OS's shell software or better - window manager (other than the default/common Windows Explorer). Well to be honest, for desktop - it looked like that - for the most recent screeshot, rather see the rest of the site. There are screenshots posted directly on page (and not just a link like here below)

My file-manager's interface current look:


My desktop's current look (more variants):






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My current hobby is related to desktop computer (as we all know it), its limites and capabilities, and so on. This surely includes also knowledge, on how to cope with various errors, and of course how to change various computer's settings (System.ini file lines, Environment Variables, but mainly numerous registry hacks), therefore increasing speed and stability of computer instantly (well, after next boot), and as the most important - noticeably.

I am running mainly Windows XP but I use also Windows 98/SE quite often, because of its indispensable MS-DOS, and also because of its much faster scandisk (beside other things that are faster, more stable/reliable, compare to NTs) Linux and Cygwin (Cygwin - Linux command prompt "on" Windows, merely can be said, it is a "real" OS), all that on single, home, "one-user-machine".

Here are the most basic specs: CPU = 1.4 GHz, RAM = 512 MB, HD = 40 GB, 17inch LCD, 56K dial-up modem, etc. (but rather see the last page for more details)

I become almoust obsessed with commandline programs, batch processing and various in-built shell-commands, and other things, that make common tasks easier and faster. Like batch scripts to directory-recursive backup all app's *.ini or *.cfg files (to some safe location), with one simple click on *.bat file. Then I like to save the position of Sysinternals's applications from registry to *.reg file. I can always restore desired position in that way, if deleting registry key, or something in configuration gets corrupted, and I make preety smart-backups regularly, every week or so, one big backup on CD, and per-day backing-up on floppy disks.

Further, in the mean time, during this "process" of using my PC (for more than three years now), learning about it, and changing its settings and configuration, I also learned a litle about programming basics in general, particulary HTML language and JavaScript (to be able to write this page), then I was learning Python scripting language, and a tiny bit of Intel's native assembler language (called also assembly), but less than "raw" basics. For Python language in particular, I am still learning (very slowly) and program in it, but not often.

On the other hand, I noticed, I am more interested in OSs and their usages in general, useful things I can do, to help my computer in any way I can, make it faster, more stable. Of course clean registry and clean disk (regularly deleted invalid registry key and values, deleted temp-leftovers, old shortcut files, etc.), are the most crucial parts of this, but also "structure" of things, know-how to use things more reasonably.

And also, I soon developed minimalism principle (i.e., things to be as minimalistic as possible), and because of that, you can bet, I don't like to run too much processes (if not neccessary), so therefore, I also disabled all useless NT-services, few of them quite dangerous, but mostly not-needed for my particular configuration (uhm, see the rest of the page, I posted a complete list), to lower resources consumption as possible. I also think more processes running, more chances for conflicts between them.

I went further, and renamed most of constantly used directories (and most of files too) to have short-file names (equal, or less than 8 characters in file name), also off course with no spaces. This way, I make commandline usage, especially in DOS, but also on Windows 98/SE (not big difference on Windows XP), much easier. I studied common and frequently used moves with mouse in Total Commander file manager, to set icons, menu, dialogs and shortcuts to be as logical as they could be, etc.

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Also, I need to mention my main "obsession" here, on the very beginning of this site. The reason why I wrote "main obsession" is, there is another one, the obsession with usage of commandline utilities (but see the rest of the site for details about it)

It is the so-called "obsession with no-setup applications" (I call it that way). I will explain the main reasons, why I prefer this "form" of program usage. The thing is, I become obsessed (as mentioned), finding useful "non-setup" apps, and replacing as many "setup-required" apps I am currently using (and are somehow crucial), with non-setup ones.

So in one sentence:

No installation procedure in general (why would you need installer for only copying files ??), no start-menu and desktop shortcuts creation, no installation wizards bundled to self-exec files, no ActiveX components and COM Servers/Objects registering, and other "supposely required" modifications in registry, which are all the things that could go wrong, during installation or later during program usage (I just don't trust instalers in general from my own experiences)

To put in a few sentences - I prefer applications to be single .zip file (including all program required files, i.e. libraries, data files, etc.), extracted to somewhere and you can already execute/use it, that's all. Or even better - just one, single .exe executable file, again as the most important - without "installation procedure", so only copied/extracted, and you can already execute it.

I like that kind of software for many reasons, and I mentioned only the most important ones in paragraph above. I actually did succeed, and managed to replace most of my favourite "setup procedure" programs, I was using in past with "non-setups" programs (and I considered those from which I switched, as "irreplaceable" tools), and the whole "procedure" of switching in most cases, was preety similar to switching from System Mechanic to commandline Sdelete utility and batch-file usage, and from Boot Switcher to Rebooter application, both examples described somewhere else on this site.

The first general bottom-line:

Some of them are/appear, like they DO NOT EXIST for system (no registry entries at all, all settings stored in local .ini file ...), and some of them store ONLY BASIC SETTINGS in registry (like window position, excluded/included filters, like for example Mark Russinovich's utils from Sysinternals), and usually they make only one key, usually only in HKCU\software, or in case of media players also few file-associations

The second general bottom-line is:

You can DELETE APPLICATION'S REGISTRY KEY and/or some, or all of ITS VALUES, and it will work normally after next execution, and you can MOVE APPLICATION to some OTHER FOLDER, or PARTITON and it will work normally after next execution (paths stored in registry, will be just overwritten)

One reason is surely all the problems with upgrading and/or updating installed software, compare to "non-setups", for example for Firefox and Thunderbird, and majority of other apps, that means to use .zip files, rather than .exe installer. After first program execution, they surely both writes to registry, same as both "setup/install" veriants, etc.

But when you upgrade, it is clearly stated on Mozilla.org, that you musn't copy new version into same directory as previous is already installed. But if you just *need* to use an installer, then I think it is also recommended, somewhere on Mozilla home page, that you MUST uninstall previous version first, delete directories, and then install new version (optionally, I would also search for left-overs in registry, and reboot after making all these changes)

The two Mozilla apps' bottom-line:

You simply backup bookmarks.html, user.js, prefs.js, cookies.txt, cookperm.txt, hostperm.1, signons.txt, key3.db files to some "safe" location, delete old installation's directory, create new folder, extract/copy new release, restore backuped files, and that's about it.

Of course exept antiviruses, firewalls, and similar "low-level" applications, that require somehow more deep "system incorporation", software registry modifications, and blah, usually that kind of software require also restart of system after install procedure finishes. It is just creepy, and if not needed, why one would want all this "messing around" of installer programs/wizards, but see the rest of the site for more examples, especially in Tips-1 part.

You can get there simply by clicking on a link above. It's the Tips-1 part, the second one in a row. These links resides in each separate "part" (page) of the whole site My homepage - The important things I discovered so far in the "world of computing"

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