Structuring Outreach Supervision
for Pre-Doctoral Interns and Trainees

Wendy Settle, Ph.D., Susan Steibe-Pasalich, Ph.D., and Willis Bartlett, Ph.D.
University of Notre Dame

Purpose: Prior to 1995, although pre-doctoral interns and trainees were expected to present outreach programs as a part of their training, some students and Outreach Supervisors arranged close supervision and some did not. A few students even volunteered to present a program and, following the usual graduate student protocol, planned and implemented the program "Lone Ranger" style, without asking for input from staff at all.The following forms were designed by the Director of Practicum Training (Willis Bartlett, Ph.D.), the Director of Internship (Susan Steibe-Pasalich, Ph.D.), and the Coordinator for Outreach and Consultation (Wendy Settle, Ph.D) to communicate expectations for supervision as well as to help to structure the supervision process for training in outreach:

Trainee Outreach Supervision Form

Intern Outreach Supervision Form

Summary: The forms require the intern or trainee to 1) obtain their primary supervisor's approval of their program, 2) ask a permanent staff member to supervise their outreach program (e.g., a staff member with expertise in the topic), 3) obtain the Coordinator for Outreach's signature (so that the Coordinator is informed), 4) follow a structured process for supervision and implementation of the program (on page 2 of each form), and 5) obtain their Outreach Supervisor's evaluative comments. Outreach Supervisors are encouraged to attend their supervisee's programs.

The completed forms are added to the intern or trainee's permanent evaluation file. They provide a record of the programs that interns and trainees have presented in addition to providing a structured method for evaluating their outreach skills.

Created: March 14, 2000
Modified: April 10, 2000

Note: If your Counseling Center decides to produce similar forms, please feel free to contact
Wendy Settle for questions or to share ideas: Wendy Settle, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, Coordinator for Outreach and Consultation, University of Notre Dame University Counseling Center, (219) 631-7336.

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