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[ Tuesday, November 16 ]  

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Whitehats Intrusion Detection Events Database: Full details for source_route_udp_lsrre
arachNIDS - The Intrusion Event Database
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Platform(s):   unix windows device
Category:   misc
Classification:   Suspicious
  CVE CAN-1999-0510
  Bugtraq nomatch
  advICE 2000013

This event indicates that a UDP packet had Loose Source Record Route set in the IP Options. Source routing is a security risk and should be blocked by your firewall or routers. 

 How Specific 
This event is specific to a vulnerability, but may have been caused by any of several possible exploits. Packet payload is not considered in the signatures used to detect this attack.  

 Trusting The Source IP Address 
Since this event was caused by a UDP packet, the source IP address could be easily forged. It has been noted that the intruder is likely to expect or desire a response to their packets, so it may be likely that the source IP address is not spoofed.  

  Protocol details... (ip header, tcp/udp/icmp header, payload data)
  Research details... (packet captures, background, credits)
  IDS Signatures... (dynamically generated signatures for free and commercial IDS)
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