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Welcome to my shop. Feel free to take a look around.

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We've had a bit of trouble with our old web hosting provider for the past few weeks, and were forced to switch. Unfortunatly, we lost a lot of our old data, so we've had to restore our backup page, which has a few bugs. If you find any problems with the site, please feel free to shoot us an email and we'll try to fix it. The address to send bug information is Thanks!

About This Site

I started this site in 1996 as a way to share woodworking project information with some of my friends. That's why some of the early stuff has a sort of chatty, cryptic tone - I was communicating with friends using a jargon we all knew. One of the first things I showed was my initial attempts at bench construction. Then I added some stuff about my shop and some other benches. After a year or so Yahoo picked it up and it became popular with people I didn't already know. I have continued to play with the site, adding things that people request as I have opportunity.

This is not a commercial operation. I don't have anything against commercial sites, but I have a regular job that pays my bills - so web-site development (and woodworking) are leisure activities for me*. I fear that attempting to get money out of it would get the leisure out of it as well.

I have used several tools to develop the site, starting with straight HTML in a simple text editor (Notepad). Then I tried Front Page, but it put so much crud into my HTML that I couldn't find my way around anymore. I'm not a fan of over-engineering. I also tried MS Word, but it's not much better though I do still use it for text-only pages like this one. Now we're mostly back to straight HTML and Notepad - and We Are Pleased. My philosophy is to keep it simple - go for content instead of glitz (click here if you want bells and whistles). Most of my drawings are done with CorelDraw.

*Something you should consider before you think me A Woodworking Expert.