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Call Letter Sequence: KFMT - WHAT - WGWY - WDGY - KFAN

WGWY = "George W. Young"
WDGY = "Doctor George Young"

Facility History:
First Broadcast License: December 1923
First Broadcast: December 23, 1923

        Original:       1300 kHz at 5 W as KFMT.*
        6/26/25:        Calls changed to WHAT.*
        2/23/26:        Calls changed to WGWY.*
        3/22/26:        Calls changed to WDGY.*
        4/21/27:        Moved to 1140 kHz at 500 W.
        6/1/27:          Moved to 1150 kHz, shared with WRHM.
        11/15/27:       Moved to 1140 kHz, shared with WRHM.
        11/28/27:       Moved to 1050 kHz, shared with WCAL.
        11/11/28:       Moved to 1410 kHz at 1/.5 kW, shared with KFLV, WHDI, and WHDI.
        12/10/28:       Moved to 1390 kHz, shared with WHDI.
        2/20/29:        Moved to  560 kHz at 500 W, 5/7 time with WHDI 2/7.
        4/6/29:          Moved to 1180 kHz, limited time, shared with WHDI.
        9/4/31:          Sharetime ended as Dr. Young buys WHDI.
        6/29/34:        Power increased to 2.5/1 kW, limited time.
        9/3/35:          Power increased to 5/1 kW, limited time..
        3/29/41:        Moved to 1130 kHz at 5/.5 kW, limited time.
        6/42:             Operation now broadcast license fulltime.
        1949:            Built nine tower array in Bloomington, installed Westinghouse 50 kW.
        10/12/49:       Power increased to 50 kW day/25 kW night, DA-2.        
        1977:            Installed Harris MW-50.
        1986:            Moved antenna farm to Credit River Twshp (Prior Lake) (far South suburb).
        1991:            Calls changed to KFAN.
        1993:            Installed Harris DX-50 solid state transmitter.
4/18/2004:    Severe storm damage claims 4 towers, causes other damage to site.
                           Station operating Non-DA at reduced power pending major repairs.

Ownership History:
        Original:       Dr. George W. Young
        7/24/45:       Transfer to Mea Young upon death of Dr. Young.
        4/10/46:        Purchased by Twin Cities Broadcasting (James Stewart)(Charles Stuart?)
        4/23/52:        Purchased by Herman Lange, George Lau, C. Hagman & C. Levy.
        1/18/56:        Purchased by Mid-Continent Broadcasting Co. (Storz Broadcast).
        1984:            Purchased by Malrite Broadcasting.
        1993:            Purchased by Shamrock Broadcasting.
        1997:            Purchased by Chancellor Broadcasting (Chancellor Media).
        1999:            Purchased by AMFM, Inc.
        2000:            Purchased by Clear Channel Communications.


Dr. Young was an optometrist.

* Four sets of call letters issued so rapidly caused the Radio Division of the DOC to write and tell Dr. Young that " ... there will be no further call changes granted."

The WDGY calls were picked up in the early 1990s by the former KDWB, on 630 kHz in Minneapolis.  630 later went dark so the land the array stood on could be sold.  A new owner rebuilt 630 with limited facilities in Western Wisconsin, the call letters WDGY remain associated with that station.

Thank you to Barry Mishkind for providing the timeline information!!
W9XAT Experimental Televison 1933

In 1933 Doctor George Young, founder of radio station WDGY received a license from the FRN (the predecessor to the FCC) for an experimental television station.  For more information visit the
W9XAT web site.
A couple notes about the WDGY photos...  Dr. George Young is the "DGY" in WDGY.  The center tower beacon was actually a rotating aviation beacon, very unusual for a radio tower!  The "Nine Tower Array" picture was taken from where Interstate 35W is now located  just North of the Minnesota River in Bloomington.  More info on the individual pictures coming someday?!?!
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