Welcome to the Official site for the Spirit Dragon Mind Fist School. We are NOT
affiliated at this time with any other association. We are currently in the process of
forming an umbrella organization to include Bak Fu Pai, Bak Mei, 108 Dragon Palms,
18 Daoist Palms, Wing Chun, Xing Yi Quan, and Tai Chi Quan. Of course we don't
teach all of these arts but we are offering fellowship and a non political atmosphere to
those who do. Keep checking for updates and progress.

When we realize that our True Self is one of pure potentiality,
we align with the power that manifests everything in the

Our Mission:
To bring you the very best education in Authentic Traditional Chinese
Martial Arts. Everything that we teach is truly the best instruction you will
find in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area. Our system of Kung fu is
effective in a self defense situation as well as helping you to relax and
strengthen your body, invigorate and stimulate your mind, as well as to
enhance and enlighten the spirit.

If you are truly serious about learning Authentic and effective kung fu, then
we welcome you!!!

Everything we teach has internal energy cultivation as well as external expression. This
means that we use Authentic meditation techniques that cultivate and strengthen your
internal power which you learn to channel through your body as you strike.

Gung Fu, also known as Kung fu and wushu, is more than just a system of fighting. This
view only serves to limit the system to a barbaric method of manipulation and war arts.
The arts of gung fu can be seen as arts for life as they contain many concepts and
philosophies that translate to all aspects of life. If we look into the words gung and fu, we
see that gung means energy and fu means time. Thus anything that takes energy added
with time and has a goal to be achieved, can be seen as gung fu.

Gung Fu is truly hard work. There are NO shortcuts. The only way to become an expert
at martial arts is to practice practice practice.
Beware those who would make you a
master overnight! Be wary of those who promise you immortality through video. If
something sounds to good to be true, then it probably is!!!

When fear is removed, the arrogance of uncertainty is dispelled, and it is no longer
neccessary to prove yourself in any form of physical combat. Knowing oneself better
gives us better insight to knowing others. This helps us to live happier, longer, and
stress free lives with nothing to prove. Self-respect, confidence and a duty to serve
others shows an accomplished attitude toward mental, physical, and spiritual

One who excels as a warrior
does not appear formidable.

One who excels in fighting
is never aroused in anger.

One who excels in defeating his enemies
does not join issues.

One who excels in employing others
humbles himself before them.

This is the virtue of non contention matching the sublimity of heaven.

We now are offering on-line kung fu training. This is certainly going to be the best online
training you have seen. We have traditional authentic forms including unarmed and
weapons, powerful meditations, self defense techniques, and much much more. We
offer testing with all of our home study kung fu video training and online training. You
have seen the rest, now experience the best in online training.

We are now offering discounts to Law enforcement officers, Fire, and
emergency personnel!

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon!!! Authentic Mew Hing 108 Dragon Palms Kung fu system!!!

Tai Chi - Qigong day is coming soon on the last Saturday of April!!! There will be free
qigong instruction!!! Call for times and directions.

Video supplemental training  for existing members and video distance learning is now
available in Wing Chun, Bak Fu Pai, Xing Yi quan, qi gong, and Tai chi!!! Contact us for
more information.

Keep checking back for updates as we are adding new material all the time!!

153 South Main Avenue
Scranton, Pa 18504

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Shen Lung Yi Kuen

153 South Main Ave
Scranton, Pa 18504