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Wed 8 Sep 2004

Wardriving is not a crime
According to a very well written and thorough article in the Virginia Journal Of Law & Technology, what we've been saying for over 3 years has been determined to be true: WarDriving is not a crime.

Mon 30 Aug 2004

NetStumbler File Format
Q: How can I read and write NS1 files?
A: The file format is available here. Be sure to check this document after a new version is released, since it is likely to change without notice.

Thu 22 Apr 2004

Welcome, Slashdot readers
Wow. Slashdot increased my traffic by a factor of 16.
Thanks to,, Hosted Zone Web Hosting and Mercy Hosting for taking some extra bandwidth!

Wed 21 Apr 2004

Since I released NetStumbler 0.3.30, I have experienced birth, death, illness, new job, and increased bandwidth costs. None of these will be helped by the arrival of both NetStumbler and MiniStumbler versions 0.4. Download and enjoy. Sorry it took so long.

Tue 13 Apr 2004

New book
I was a contributor to the book WarDriving: Drive, Detect, Defend which is a treasure trove of tips about using NetStumbler, MiniStumbler, and WarDriving in general. Buy it!

Wed 24 Mar 2004

Where's 0.4?
There has been much speculation that I've stopped working on NetStumbler and MiniStumbler, but I am working on it. The new version is coming soon. Really.

Sun 1 Feb 2004

Source Code
Q: Can I see the NetStumbler source code? Is it open source? Etc...
A: NetStumbler is not open source. Indeed it contains a lot of code that was developed under Non-Disclosure Agreements, and the source cannot be released to the general public - if I do so then several teams of lawyers will show up on my doorstep.

Thu 4 Dec 2003

Yes, I am still here
I've been starting to get emails from people wondering if I'm still alive. Well, I have been just a little too busy to do anything with NetStumbler, but things have quietened down enough that I am working on version 0.4 again. It will will work better and on more cards than ever before. A new MiniStumbler will come with it, and it will work on the Dell CF cards as well as Prism CF and PC cards.

No dates yet, because you've seen what happens when I try to predict them :-)

Thu 14 Aug 2003

The amazing disappearing NetStumbler
A number of people have reported that Network Stumbler 0.3.30 exits as soon as it starts scanning. This has been reported by users with the Linksys WPC54G, Asus WL-100G, Dell TrueMobile 1300, Buffalo WLI-CB-G54A. It will be fixed in version 0.4 (still coming soon!).

The symptom is not limited to NetStumbler exiting suddenly. You may see displays of corrupted data, lock ups, access violations or even blue screens or reboots.

Thu 8 May 2003

Status update on 0.4
Yes, I found and fixed the bug that you have all been complaining about. If you have all of the following... ... then the following sequence of events is likely to occur:
  1. You eventually associate with an access point while you're scanning.
  2. You go out of range, or in better range of a different AP.
  3. "Auto reconfigure" kicks in to disassociate you (otherwise "get AP names" won't work)
  4. In reconfiguring the card, it inadvertently puts it into a state where it will not discover any access points at all.
This has been fixed in version 0.4 (coming soon!)
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