Suffering is complete
ignorance is knowledge


Wisdom shines internally eternally
Sit and be still
Be and be still

in silence hear the Unsung Song
For the Dharma shows how the inside is outside
and the outside in

Once upon a NOW
A royal person became holy and learnt to sing
The song of the BUDDHA is ever heard
It is as the laughter of children
and the beauty of a wisdom too sacred to worship
For the Buddha sings from the heart of knowledge
and the song is heard in the silence of meditation
For in the Song of the Hear

We are the thoughts and being
of our experience

So let the Light of Truth be our goal
The Song of Compassion our desire made manifest

The Joy of Giving our action made pure
Let the eight fold path be our life and the expression
of our hearts traveling

That which is right - do
That which needs correcting - correct
If you need to know - find instruction
When you know - express
When there is need - help

Be courteous, be kind

Let all the precepts be your guards
but not your guardians

For this following is through CHOICE
The goal of Buddhism is enlightenment
In this is freedom and naturalness
This goal is achievable in this moment
from this moment
when the Buddha looked around he saw
that everyone was enlightened
Why do you cover your nature?
You are the pure Bodhi Mind


Have confidence in your own spiritual potentiality, your ability to find your own unique way. Learn from others certainly, and use what you find useful, but also learn to trust your own inner wisdom. Have courage. Be awake and aware. Remember too that Buddhism is not about being Buddhist; that is, obtaining a new identity tag. Nor is it about collecting head-knowledge, practices and techniques. It is ultimately about letting go of all forms and concepts and becoming free.
John Snelling, Elements of Buddhism

Just as in Western Alchemy
the esoteric tradition was embodied into points of spiritual focus and building.

The Stupa or Chorten

Nothing come to beings -- nor does anything disappear. Nothing is eternal -- nor has anything an end. Nothing is identical -- nor is anything differentiated. Nothing moves here -- nor does anything move there.

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