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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Administrator appoints interim registrar of voters

Former registrar to receive $9,416 a month while on leave


SAN BERNARDINO — A 19-year employee of the county Registrar of Voters office has been named interim registrar.

Chief Deputy Registrar of Voters Donna Manning stepped in as interim registrar on Monday as the county continues its search for a permanent replacement.

"The county has utmost confidence in Donna Manning's ability to serve as interim registrar and complete the vote tallying and certification of the Nov. 2 election," County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer said in a press release. "She has the support of the entire county organization, and I am very confident the employees of the registrar's office will be pleased with her appointment."

Former San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters Scott Konopasek and Assistant Registrar Steve Trout are on paid administrative leave. Konopasek, who started in January 2003, had come under criticism for problems at the registrar's office.

"I've been consistently a critic of the Registrar of Voters during the past year due to the fact that Scott Konopasek has always had a difficult time working under the management or leadership here in the county of San Bernardino," said First District Supervisor Bill Postmus.

Postmus cited problems with preparing and mailing sample ballots in the primary and general elections this year. Konopasek ignored a county commission's suggestions to solve problems in the primary election, the supervisor said.

Konopasek will receive $9,416 a month while on paid administrative leave through Dec. 24. County spokesman David Wert said the paid leave is necessary so Konopasek will be available to the county as needed. His salary was $113,000 a year, plus benefits.

Trout will be on paid leave under the same circumstances through Jan. 15.

In a press release, county officials credited Konopasek and Trout with successfully establishing electronic voting in San Bernardino County and making provisions for disaster victims to vote during the 2003 wildfires.

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