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The murder of Stephen Lawrence

Computer aided reconstruction

The computer aided reconstruction shows the last 10 minutes of Stephen Lawrence's life condensed to approximately two minutes to show movements in the area.

It begins when staff leave the Coronet Cinema by the roundabout on Well Hall Road and lock up.

A car then stops by the bus stop on Well Hall Road where Stephen is waiting with Duwayne Brooks. A man gets out of the car and crosses the road to the bus stop on the opposite side of the road.

This man gets onto the 122 bus. As he does so, two people get off. We need to speak to these two people. Who were they? Did they see anything? Where did they go?

The cinema staff then walk along Rochester Way.

A witness appears on the right of the screen (the north end of Well Hall Road) and walks along to the roundabout and up Rochester Way.

From the other side of the screen (the south end of Well Hall Road) two groups of youths which then become one appear walking towards the roundabout and the cinema.

Duwayne and Stephen walk from the bus stop in Well Hall Road to the roundabout and into Rochester Way in the same direction as the witness.

A further potential witness then appears on the right hand side (south side of Well Hall Road). Who is this person? Where did they go? Did they see anything?

The two groups of youths are now one group and are outside the Coronet Cinema. There is little traffic at this time of night and it is easy to see around the area. There is a bus dispute and some of the buses are not running to schedule.

The witness who appeared on the right of the screen and walked into Rochester Way with Stephen and Duwayne behind is very important to us. We know who this witness is, she knows who she is, we know what she knows. She has never made a statement.

This witness may have been the catalyst for the attack.

What happens now is unclear.

Duwayne and Stephen then run back towards the bus stop. The group of youths/suspects cross the road in single file towards them. A fair haired youth is in the lead.

At this point a further witness, described as having a shaven head walks into Well Hall Road from Rochester Way and gets onto a bus.

One of the group of suspects is seen to split off from the main group - this is possibly the so called 'blonde offender'.

Following the attack on Stephen at the junction with Dickson Road. The group with the one who has separated off in the lead run off down Dickson Road.

Stephen Lawrence crosses Well Hall road and collapses.

Can you help?

If you have any information, please contact the incident room on

0800 169 6819

If you do not wish to speak to the police you can call MP Clive Efford's constituency office on

020 8850 5744

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