September 11, 2001

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Apple Macintosh Emulator for the Sharp Zaurus

Current Version: 0.3
Download Basilisk II HERE

Latest News
How does it run?
Getting Software
Compiling it
Fixing X11
Screen Questions
Screen Shots

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Latest News

-October 26 - Older Updates

I have made a few changes:

-I have compiled Basilisk II 1.0 for the Zaurus.  The archive now contains Basilisk II 0.9 (May 2001 Build) and  Basilisk II 1.0 (January 2002 Build).  You can see the changes here.  I have kept both bin files incase Basilisk II 1.0 breaks something that 0.9 ran. 

Basilisk II 1.0 requires a new library to work called  If you are upgrading then you need to copy this library - included in the archive - to /usr/lib.  If you are installing this for the first time just follow the regular instructions.   

I think Basilisk II 1.0 offers some very nice speed improvements and allows you to change some settings.  The monitors Control Panel allows you some other options now.

-I have added a section for getting software.

-After reviewing Apple's policy concerning older Macintosh System Software I have removed the boot disks from the archive.  It appears that Apple (Steve Jobs) has decided to reverse their policy for letting people copy their older System Software.  A shame for both the emulation scene and people that purchase older Macs from schools and garage sales without any System disks. 

-Items I'm looking at doing:

Getting Basilisk II to work with SDL so it will run in Qtopia instead of X11

Actually making an .ipk for easier install

Assigning one of the buttons on the Zaurus as the mouse button to make 'clicking' easier





This is a port of Basilisk II by Christian Bauer which is a great Macintosh emulator.  It has been ported to many systems and I thought that I would like to try it on the Zaurus.    

Email me if you have any comments or questions.


How does it run?

Actually, it runs pretty well!



You will also need a Macintosh ROM for the emulator to work.  I will NOT provide this to anyone so please do not ask.  The Macintosh ROM must be a 512k or 1024k ROM.  A Mac Plus/vMac ROM will not work.  See the Basilisk II site for information on which ROMs are useable.    

The file must be called rom and be in the same directory as Basilisk II. 

Installing X11

1.  Grab X11 here.

2.  Install the ipk either through the terminal or add/remove apps on the Zaurus.

Installing icewm

1.  Grab icewm here.

2.  Install the ipk either through the terminal or add/remove apps on the Zaurus.

Installing wm2

1.  Grab wm2 here.

2.  Unzip and copy the file wm2 to /home/root/usr/local/bin/.

Installing Libraries

1.  Grab libs here.

2.  Unzip  You will find it extracts to folder called libs.

3.  Copy all the files from libs to /usr/lib

Installing Basilisk II

1.  Grab Basilisk II here.

2.  Unzip to ram/cf/sd.  You will find that it extracts to a folder called basil.

3.  Reboot your Z

4.  Press your /  on the keyboard to select the boot prompt.

5.  Select A and log into your Zaurus

6. Type X to start X11 then type wm2

7.  CD to the basil directory

8.  Type the following: ./basil

9.  The GUI will appear. 


You can change the screen width by moving the Basilisk II GUI window until you see the bottom right corner.  WM2 uses 'spring-loaded' windows. When a window is opened that is larger than the display it sizes it to the display. Just tap the bottom right corner of the window to expand it all the way. You will see that the bottom right corner has a funny looking resize gadget: Tap it to expand the window full or hold and resize as you like. 

Now you can move the window to access any option you want (i.e. memory, graphics, disk, etc...). 

Getting Software

Once you get a legal Macintosh ROM you are going to have to get a copy of some System software for the Mac emulator.  You can download System 7 or System 7.01 from the U. of Texas as they have disk images available for download.  A hard file foot print for a full install of System 7.x should be less than 10meg.  A perfect fit for a CD or SD card!

Even though you can install everything from the Z, I actually grabbed Basilisk II for Windows, installed it, created a 10 meg hard-file, and then install System 7 to it.  When it was done I copied the hard-file to the Z and booted off of it!  



I actually compiled Basilisk II on the Cluster Servers which I found on's site.  Its a collection of servers -hosted by Compaq/HP- that you can telnet and ftp into to compile your code.  Very slick!  I wish Sharp would do something like this for the Zaurus. 


Fixing X11

X11 on the Zaurus works great but conflicts with Qtopia over power management.  Here are some solutions I found on Zaurus Zone's forum:
(This one by Minex worked for me)

I did find a fix to this problem, and I'll post it here again since the message in which the solution was posted was over a month ago.

After installing X11 for the Zaurus, open the file :
and commented out
/usr/local/bin/zapmd (just add an #at the beginning of the line).

I tested it and it appears to fix the problem. Now I need to find a way to
put my screen into landscape mode so that I can get the entire x64 application to fit on the screen.


or here is another one

I finally have X running acceptibly on my zaurus.
some of these fixes are based on ideas found elsewhere,
sadly I forget where. After installing on

1. I added a # at the beginning of each line in

2. At the beginning of /usr/local/bin/wm I added 3 lines
/usr/local/bin/ztsd &
/usr/local/bin/zapmd &
sleep 2

(the sleep may not be needed, or possibly could be reduced)

3. At the end of /usr/local/bin/wm I added 2 lines
killall zapmd
killall ztsd

4. I was still having problems with ice's config. So I ran
ln -s /usr/local/Xredir/usr/local/lib/x11/icewm .icewm
in /home/root
(somehow icewm wasn't finding its setting at this original location)

With these settings, I can switch between qtopia and X.
I drop out of Qtopia using the terminate qtopia butting in the Shutdown app.

I hit /? then 'a' during the countdown to drop to a prompt

I run:

after I logout of icewm, I type exit to drop back into Qtopia.

All this is use at your own risk. I'm just really happy it is now working for



Screen Questions

-More to come later...



Screen Shots



-More to come later...


Older Updates

-October 14

-I have add some information on resizing the GUI window.

-To make sure everybody has the libs they need I copied my libs dir from my Z to a folder called libz.  I have added this zip to my instructions for getting Basilisk II to work.

-I have removed the libs folder from the main zip and made it a seperate zip file.

-Also, I had the wrong Basilisk II zip online here for a few days.  I have since replaced it with the correct zip.  Sigh....



-October 10

This is a port of Basilisk II by Christian Bauer for the Zaurus.  It requires a Mac ROM which I will NOT include and a Mac Boot Disk which is in the archive.  Since Apple release's all their old system software you can grab disks from Apple or many other sites.  I have included System 6.08, System 7.0, and System 7.1.








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