The "England" sailed for New Zealand with about 110 passengers,  many recruited from Scandanavia for New Zealand under the Vogel Immigration Scheme. 

This list has been compiled from information in the book
"Mosquitoes and Sawdust" (A history of Scandinavians in early Palmerston North & surrounding districts)  by Val A Burr  for the  Scanadinavian Club of Manawatu,  New Zealand.

For more information on this Scandinavian migration to, and settlements in New Zealand please refer to the website of the
"Manuwatu Scandy Club".

Passengers on the
"England" ex  Gravesend,  England,  3 December 1870 to  Wellington,  New Zealand,  arriving on Sunday 19  March 1871.  104 days port to port.

SURNAME, Forename,  Age,  Country born,  (Comment,)

Captain,  Harington, George Henry      (with wife and niece)
Surgeon, Wallace, George
Ships agent,  Messrs. Levin and Co.

Saloon passengers:
Mr. Hyland
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Walker
Miss Willis
Bishop Viard
Rev Father O' Reilly
Rev Cummins
M. Tresallet
Brother Cyprien

Andrews/Anderson, Charlotte  18  (Bound for Napier, New Zealand.
Maslin, Anne  21     "
Osborn, Elizabeth  28    "
Bowden,  Mary  30    "
Gill, Mary  30     "
King, M A  21     "
Perry, C S  16     "
Wiltshire, Eliza  19    "
Angus, Cathie  23     "
Angus, Maggie  19    "
Strachan, Helen  18    "  
Coupar, Isabella  22    "
Stewart, Elsie  19     "
Casey, Johanna  24    "
Casey, Alice  22     "
Knight, H D  12     "

Sheil, John  64
Sheil, Sarah  and family

Keeble, Elizabeth                              ENG  (wife of Thomas Keeble, 25, Norfolk ENG - ships steward.    -  birth  daughter ,  Elizabeth Keeble,  25 March 1871. )

Anderson, Johan David  18               Gustavi Domk parish, Goteborg, Sweden

Andersen, Pehr Petter  25                 Kopinge parish, Kristianstad, Sweden  (married Alice Ann Aldersen of England in 1877)

Andersen, Petter Johan  31               Nassjo, Jonkping, Sweden
Jonasdatter, Maja Cajsa 28   Wife      Varnum, Varmland, Sweden  

Appeldorff, Carl 28                       Alsoe, Randers, Denmark (Migrated to Australia)

Asserlind, Johan Axel  31                  Orgryte parish, Goteborg och Bohus , Sweden
Andesdotter, Charlotta  21 Wife         Gotesborg och Bohus, Sweden

Berg, Carl Wilhelm  35                     Copenhagen, Denmark  (Actually 38)
Pedersdatter, Maren  28  Wife 
Berg, Avilda Sophia H.  5mth   Dau

Bertelsen, Hans Claudius  17              Denamrk  (married Gertrude ??)

Blixt, Lars Petter 40                           Hjernarp parish, Kristianstad, Sweden  (Actually 42)
Persdotter, Severina 30  Wife             Kvibille parish, Halland, Sweden  (Actually 33)
Blixt, Gerda Elizabeth  7 Dau              Halmstad parish, Halland, Sweden
Blixt, Elin  2 Dau                               Halmstad parish, Halland, Sweden

Bochnig, Johan Theodor Robert  35    Denmark or Prussia  (Shoemaker)   (Married Christine Bengston of Sweden in 1874)
Bochnig, Christine 28  Wife

Bonde, Christian 19                           Denmark

Braunsted, Jorgen Fritz  26                Sweden or Denmark

Christensen, Johan Peter 20               Denmark 

Christensen, Christian Jessen 18         Denmark

Clemensen, Caroline 22                      Denmark 

E(h)renstrom, Wilhelm Johan  26        Brunskog parish, Varmland, Sweden
Eriksdotter, Christina 30  Wife            Tveta parish, Varmland, Sweden
E(h)renstrom, Carl Johan 1  Son         Amal city parish, Alvsborg, Sweden

Eriksen, Peter A 30                            Denmark  

Gronwall/Gronwald, Hermann 27        Anderslov, Malmohus, Sweden

Gustafson, August 24                         Sweden or Denmark

Hansson, Johan Eduard  23                 Bastad, Kristianstad, Sweden

Hansen, Niels Christian  19                 Denmark  (Married Ragnhild Gudmundsen of Denmark in 1884 )

Jacobsen, Johan Alfred  22                 Skepplanda, Alvsborg, Sweden   (Married Carolina Charlotte Andersdotter in 1870)

Jensen, Jens 21                                  Denmark

Jensen, Neils  29                                 Denmark

Joransen, Hans  25                              Denmark

Jorgensen, Carl Emil  34                      Copenhagen, Denmark
Casse, Frine Ida  28 Wife                     Denmark

Kindberg, Gustav Aron 24                    Redslared, Alvsborg, Sweden  (Married Mathilda Johannesdotter of Sweden in 1877)

Larsen, Hans Petter 28                         Denmark

Larsen, Jorgen Christian  34                 Denmark

Larsen, Ann Margrite 34                       Denmark

Lassen, Las  17                                    Als, Denmark  (Married Christine (Kirstine) Andersen Bak of Denmark in  1876)

Lindgren, Christian  34                          Goteborg, Sweden

Mariboe, Carl Henrik Ambrosius  24       Glostrup, Denmark

Moller, Peter 30                                    Denmark
Moller, Henriette 26 Wife                       Denmark
Moller, Karen 7 Dau                              Denmark
Moller, Caroline 5 Dau                           Denmark
Moller, Female 6mth Dau                       Denmark

Neilsen, Jens  27                                   Denmark

Nilsson, Nils  24                                    Denmark

Olsen, Neils  24                                     Denmark

Olsen, Thorvald Julius Ferdinand 25         Denmark   (Went to Sydney, Australia 1871)
Olsen, Caroline Wilhelmina 34 Wife          Denmark

Olssdotter, Johanna Vilhellmine  25          Goteborg, Sweden  (Married Hans Martin Andersen, 30,  sailor on "England")

Olsson, Hans  31                                    Svalov, Skane, Malmohus, Sweden  (Married Anna Stina Stenberg of Swededn in 1886)

Olsson, Oleef  22                                   Sweden

Pettersson, Pehrs  33                              Denmark?

Poulsen/Paulsen, Jens Gutsen  23             Denmark 

Rambose, Christian 21                             Denmark

Schaumann, Christian 26                          Denmark

Sissinger, Johan  18                                 Denmark

Stelin, Johan F 25                                    Orebro, Sweden
Johannessdotter, Maria Josefinaa 25 Wife   Gustavi, Goteborg och Bochus, Sweden
Stelin, Margareta  infant Dau                     Christine, Goteborg, Sweden

Thomsen, Hans Christian 33                      Horsen, Denmark (Blacksmith)
Jacobsen, Else 23 or 26  Wife 
Thomsen, Marie 3  Dau
Thomsen, Alexandra                                 Born at Sea  (Also known as Alantha and Atlantic)

Wahlstrom, Carl  27                                  Denmark

Zebbesen, Magnus  38                               Denmark
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The "England" Passensger List.
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