Protest Highlights Ongoing Destruction of Temperate Rainforest


Activists from Greenpeace and the Friends of Clayoquot Sound blockaded a logging operation in Clayoquot Sound today, using the Greenpeace vessel MV Moby Dick and inflatable boats.

"Canadians have a right to know that Clayoquot Sound's rainforests are still being destroyed by Macmillan Bloedel and Interfor. It's been a year since the science panel was adopted and the remaining pristine areas remain on the chopping block," said Greenpeace forests campaigner Karen Mahon. "We will not sit idly by and watch Clayoquot Sound become the company's experimental playground."

Greenpeace is calling for full protection of all the remaining pristine rainforest areas in Clayoquot Sound. MacMillan Bloedel is currently logging in the Bulson watershed in Clayoquot Sound, an area that that the government reports say is pristine.* According to the Science Panel no logging should occur in the pristine areas.

"Companies have slowed down logging down in Clayoquot Sound, but they are still doing extreme damage as they creep silently into pristine watersheds. The Bulson is pristine and MB cannot log in it. It's time to get our priorities straight and restore salmon habitat instead of destroying it," said Valerie Langer from the Friends of Clayoquot believe that the controversy is soling Stone Creek directly adjacent to an area where they were recently found in violathe continued threat to the remaining pristine rainforests of Clayoquot Sound." said Greenpeace International campaigner Tzeporah Berman.


Karen Mahon on board the MV Moby Dick: 011 872 130 2403

Valerie Langer, Tzeporah Berman or Karen Mahon in Tofino: 725-4218

Mary MacNutt or Tamara Stark in Vancouver: 253-7701

*Note to Editors The Ministry of Forests report by Alan Chapman lists the Bulson watershed as only 1.1% impacted. The Science Panel defines a watershed as pristine if it is less than 2% impacted. However, the Ministry of Forests has decided to allow logging in the Bulson basitrary political division (not an ecological division) to ensure that MacMillan Bloedel can continue to log in this area