Rocko's Modern Life / Ed BigHead

Rocko's Modern Life
Ed BigHead

Ed's a cane toad with a grumpy disposition. It's not that he's a bad guy or anything - even if he can't stand the sight of Rocko or his friends. He's just got a lot on his mind. As one of the many workers at the world famous Conglomo corporation, he's a businessman, or should that be businesstoad, under heaps of executive stress.

At least he has a wife who loves him. Which is just enough to keep him sane while the modern world around him does its best to drive him wild. After all, if you'd spent hours planting salmon bushes in your back garden, it'd annoy you too if Spunky came along and started eating them. We bet you couldn't keep your cool either - and neither could Ed. Ed's like all of us. If we were toads, that is.

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