Rocko's Modern Life / Filburt

Rocko's Modern Life

Filburt is a nerdy, neurotic turtle who usually works behind a counter. Even though he's a basket case now, he wasn't always that way. Filburt used to be a genius, a star athlete and a babe magnet. But a serious case of unrequited love sent him to the nut house for a while. Now he's back, but he's counting change for a living.

Filburt is also best friends with Rocko and Heffer and also in his early 20's. He is a neurotic, nerdy hypochondriac constantly talking about his most recent ailment. He and Heffer often bicker with each other for Rocko's attention. His voice is shaky and breathy without sounding feminine. He is shy and timid but can quickly become irritated particularly at Heffer. Think of Woody Allen when you think of Filburt.

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