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Name: Adam Said Galore
Established: 1994
Label: Redline Records Australia
Back in 1994, four friends from Perth, Western Australia with no agenda and nothing to lose started this thing that became known as Adam Said Galore. Finding themselves on the wrong side of liquor and gaming laws allowed them three years to evolve independently before being able to lie convincingly enough to play their first licensed gigs. Instead of sitting down taking notes they simply let loose with their own aberrant tones.

Sure they had influences, but when expressed in such fractured time signatures, accented rhythms, intertwining melodies and with such little adherence to standard measures like song length and the utilisation of vocals, they had already naturally started to distill the essence of their sound.

Early on it was possible to hear the wilful strains of Pavement, perhaps later a hint of Polvo. It was not unusual to hear Monk, Sun Ra, Tortoise and Palace all eddy to the surface within the same set. This is documented on their 1998 debut release, Domino Comfort, which was recorded in the confines of the abandoned Fremantle Prison, Western Australia.

Next up for Adam Said Galore was the release of their long awaited full length album, The Driver is Red in stores March 2001 through Redline Records Australia. The Driver is Red was recorded in just one week at Loop Studio in the band's home town.

Adam Said Galore acquired the skills of Chicago based sound engineer Casey Rice who has worked the desk with the likes of Tortoise and Liz Phair for the project. Of the recording process, Matt Maguire (drums) says, "Laying down our songs live in such a short time period created an atmosphere of mission like intensity and focus, it also created some very manic moments which were captured and will remain authentic to this recording."

Adam Said Galore have supported amongst others - Palace, Tortoise, Sandpit, Tren Brothers, Trans Am, Bikini Kill, Mogwai, Something For Kate, Bluetile Lounge, Jebediah, Regurgitator and Not From There. They have performed live on Recovery and Triple J's Australian Music Show/Live at the Wireless.

Of Lost Roads
Release: Nov 2002
Label: Redline Records Australia
Type: album
The Driver Is Red
Release: 2001
Label: Redline Records Australia
Type: album
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