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BBC (13 hours ago)
A teenage girl has become the first known person to survive rabies without the benefit of a vaccination, say doctors. (read more)
BBC (8 hours ago)
New data casts doubt on the popular theory that big North American mammals were wiped out by human hunting. (read more)
BBC (17 hours ago)
A group of footballers accused of gang-raping a 15-year-old girl in south-east London are cleared. (read more)
New Scientist (17 hours ago)
By zapping the tonsil-based breeding ground of bad breath bacteria, one of the worst forms of halitosis can be treated in minutes (read more)
BBC (10 hours ago)
R&B; singer Ms Dynamite will no action over allegations of an assault in a London restaurant, police say. (read more)
BBC (4 hours ago)
DR Congo President Joseph Kabila suspends six ministers for allegedly embezzling government funds. (read more)
Scotsman (2 hours ago)
THE Harrods chief Mohamed al-Fayed was left facing legal costs of more than £4 million yesterday, following a failed attempt to sue the police for wrongful arrest. (read more)
Washington Post (6 hours ago)
Once a target of fans' scorn, Hokies quarterback Bryan Randall has turned it around during his senior season and figures to get the loudest cheers in his final home game. (read more)
BBC (8 hours ago)
Eggs are thrown and arrests are made as hunt supporters demonstrate outside a Labour party fundraising dinner. (read more)
software.silicon.com (12 hours ago)
It's a new internet browser. The first full version, Firefox 1.0, was launched earlier this month. In the sense it's a browser, yes, but the differences are larger than the similarities. (read more)
Yahoo News (6 hours ago)
AP - "Baywatch," the sun-bleached saga of Californian life guards, was voted the worst-ever U.S. television import in a British survey released Thursday. (read more)
Yahoo News (11 hours ago)
AFP - Finnish authorities warned computer users against using the popular Microsoft Internet Explorer Six web browser as it has a "serious" security flaw that compromises computer systems. (read more)
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Findory Blogs Top Stories

Metafilter (2 hours ago)
Husband Wanted. Girl looking for husband in Nashville, TN, puts picture on billboard. "I just want one man driving by this billboard who wants to marry me." Is this a Red state thing? (read more)
Crumb Trail (2 hours ago)
Science is of little use to the majority of humanity except for its utility in generating smoke and mirrors. It is used primarily to prop up otherwise indefensible views, everything from intelligent design to organic food and the host of associated dietary and behavior prescriptions of cultists. One of the most strident abuses of science has been made by opponents of genetic engineering to support ... (read more)
Metafilter (14 hours ago)
37 percent of Americans want the teaching of 'evolutionism' replaced outright. (read more)
Slashdot (4 hours ago)
GI Joe writes "Hardcoreware.net have posted a review of a mouse with no batteries; it receives its charge through induction from the USB powered mousepad. Of course this means you must use the mouse on this mousepad, taking away some of the big advantages of a wireless mouse. However, they said that the mouse is otherwise very accurate, and has no lag at all since it uses RFID." (read more)
Slashdot (3 hours ago)
julie-h writes "DVD Jon has done it again. This time it wasn't Apple the target, but Microsoft's WMV9 video format. There is as always a working Proof of Concept program with screenshots." (read more)
Daily Kos (6 hours ago)
One of the enduring controversies/puzzles/irregularities of the 2004 presidential election is the exit poll data, which in its raw and leaked form appeared to suggest a Kerry lead that de-materialized by the next day. Mystery Pollster provides some new information as to data release, the first time I've read that this is to happen and when : A blogger and San Diego State graduate student named ... (read more)
MaxSpeak, You Listen! (3 hours ago)
by the Sandwichman Today I received a reminder of how much damage spam has done to the uplifting potential of the internet. Last night I found an excellent essay, "The Janus-Faced Nature of Working-Time Reduction", on the web, written by... (read more)
An update on Moiell. Since the first post on Moiell I've been wanting to show you the quicksort example. But there was a bug in the implementation that prevented the example to run. And I wanted to be sure that I wasn't making a thinking error. The code is running now so here it is: qsort : > qsort First, to get that out of the way, xs := more is to kill the lazyness that was so useful in ... (read more)
Slashdot (16 hours ago)
SimianOverlord writes "The Register reports on an innovation in the field of flat panel LCD screens that promises cheaper screens with the same quality using existing manufacturing technology. A Flat Projection Display is created by bouncing light into a thin wedge of plastic from the bottom of the screen, at just the correct angle to allow the rebounded light to escape at the correct pixel. "We ... (read more)
linkfilter (7 hours ago)
A legal challenge by four Northern California residents over the federal government's prosecution of medical marijuana patients is scheduled to be heard by the U-S Supreme Court Monday.     Lawyers for Angel Raich of Oakland, Diane Monson of Oroville and two unnamed Bay Area people are expected to argue that the federal government should be permanently barred from prosecuting medical ... (read more)
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