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Archive : My Radio Station
Big updates are being made.

My Yahoo! Radio Station is built. It includes Cradle of Filth and I think Za Frumi.

A new link is added to the links page. It links you to a site called Radio Rivendell which you can listen if you go onto the site but you must have Windows Media Player or Winamp. The Radio plays Za Frumi and many more fantasy artists are on it.
Also a news archive page has been built on my site.

Picture page is added and it has two NEW pictures which have not been on the site before, and they are great. Also some small wee changes which you probally wont notice, and also down the bottom of this page is a link to the RPG site which is also on my links page as well.

To Firefox and Netscape Users,
You can now use Firefox and Netscape to access my Forum which is good.
If you want a newsletter and receive news before anyone else please join my Yahoo! Group.

You MUST use IE 6 to view this site or you will not be able to get on my forum. If you are using Netscape or Firefox click
HERE to enter my forum. Also it is much better viewed with IE 6.

Hail fans,
I have create a new forum and i've shut down my old one because is was kind of boring.
Please join it, also join my Yahoo! Group because I only have five members.

Greetings again,
Forum has been built for all you Za Frumi fans and J.R.R.Tolkien fans and any other people to talk to each other.
Also I need more members for my Yahoo! Group please.
Guten Tag,

11th September 2004
Za Shrak ishi za migul will be a step back from Za shum ushatar Uglakh but with better sound quality overall.
I will also try to get a preview of a track from the new album also some pictures if I can.

10th September 2
The compilation album which Waerloga Records are making has been delayed because of Copyright Issues. This mean't Destiny-Hikari had to be removed but they have found a replacement Swedish band named Vox Vulgaris. This album will be released late this year or in earily 2005.

25th September
Here is the Waerloga Records Compliation album line-up.
The album is called 'A Tribute to Ugla
01) Za frumi (SWE) - compilation intro
02) Cryo (SWE) - Lithiel
03) Balaghan (GER) - Back at home
04) Alvskugga (SWE) (elven shadow) - Feelings of cold
05) Autumn tears (USA) - Summer requiem
06) Musterion (SWE) - Unknown Kadath (remix)
07) Encryption (BEL/NED) - Nosferamor
08) Patrice Deceuninck (FRA) - Temps mort
09) Overcoat (USA) - Alexandria
10) Destiny-Hikari (ENG) - (not titled yet)
11) Atrium Carceri (SWE) - Emperors Chamber
12) Rising Shadows (SWE) - Vacui
13) Vurpa (SWE) - Snabba vingar (quick wings)
14) The Soil Bleeds Black (USA) - Kyrie Eleison
15) Abnocto (SWE) - Prophecy
16) Sagor och Swing (SWE) - Till minne av Lilly Lindstrom
17) Volstoj (RUS/SWE) - Siege
18) Vagrants Steps (NZ) - Triptych
19) Za Frûmi (SWE) - Baurukat (inpris

10th August
Za Frumi are creating a new CD. The have said its name is "Shrak ishi za migul" and it means 'Gathering in the Mist'. They have not giving a release date but it sound great to me all ready.

6th Augu
st 2004
Waerloga are in the middle of making a 20 track compilation featuring many artists we know and many which are just becoming.
In the Waerloga pipeline just now:
1) Waerloga compilation vol 1 - A tribute to Uglakh
2)Abnocto - Simon Magus
3) Za Frûmi - Chapter 3
4) Encryption

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