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Latest News #slipgate games
Posted by deathwarrior at 2:17AM on August 14, 2001 PDT (1951 reads)

earlier, we (sal, anarki, ling, tobester, just to name a few) were having great fun with a acronym game that was on a bot. there were some real pissers like... "Mizzorys juices were marvelous"...

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Monsters in Q1TF !?
Posted by metal at 3:37PM on August 12, 2001 PDT (1979 reads)

This really looks far out! I like the new maps.

*update* I played! And like wow..

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Slipgate has arrived!
Posted by Anarkavre at 4:28PM on August 7, 2001 PDT (2058 reads)

Salazar has finally got and is fixing all of Demongate at the moment. Salazar has changed all of the vhosts so your new url will be Salazar told me that stays until is finished. He has also updated all of the contents directory with the right stuff. So look forward to the new changes soon.

Calling all Jedi Knights..
Posted by metal at 10:45PM on July 31, 2001 PDT (2187 reads)

Dark Forces still kicks butt! Don't belive me? Then check out for loads of new goodies to brighten up your old Dark dir. Also.. JK2 is coming!

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New LithTech demo
Posted by metal at 12:11AM on July 31, 2001 PDT (2221 reads)

I just saw the new tecnology demo from Lithtech. It looks hot! I may actually be the only fan of Shogo around here. Still you have to admit, Monolith has given us some decent games and I for one, am hoping that this is more that just a "tech demo" and that Monolith is actually working on a Shogo2.

Posted by salazar at 11:04PM on July 30, 2001 PDT (2223 reads)

I have split the hosted sites into two different parts. The first is the original "Hosted" part. The second is the "Mirrors" part, which contains sites on Demongate that are simply mirrors.

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Qblood is lookin' good!
Posted by metal at 11:49AM on July 28, 2001 PDT (2307 reads)

Any fans of Quake and/or Blood should check out Qblood. Looks good to me!

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Deathwarrior's Domain updated
Posted by deathwarrior at 1:23AM on July 26, 2001 PDT (2352 reads)

I've updated Deathwarrior's Domain with some usual ramblings. Ph34r.

NewHexen 1.14 released!
Posted by metal at 11:25PM on July 25, 2001 PDT (2374 reads)

NewHexen, a sourceport for Hexen2, has been released with some major additions! Visit for details and download.

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A Note To Shell Users
Posted by salazar at 5:05PM on July 25, 2001 PDT (2396 reads)

Recently was defaced. The person(s) responsable apparently took advantage of a recently found telnetd security exploit. Further information on this can be found here. OpenBSD 2.9 was one of the two OSes listed as not vulnerable, however I have decided to disable telnet access regardless.

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