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Remembering Tony
This show stunk. Stunk
Fat, bald and orange
• Time: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., ET
• Dates: Monday-Friday
• Host: Satchmo Kornheiser
• Loyal sidekick: Andy Pollin. (Hear Andy weekends from 11-3 p.m. on Weekend GameDay
• SportsCenter updates: Dan Davis
• Location: Wash., DC ESPNZone
His Washington Post column
Post sports front page
Tony for sale
The Tony Kornheiser Show aired for the last time on March 26, 2004. For those curious about what has gone on the last six years and why he'll be so missed: Larry Beal limbo stick, Trey Wingo thingamajingo, "Old Guy Radio," know your heads, bingo, the new clock, charity bocce games with Michael Jordan, "affirmation baby, affirmation," Mel's Picks, Duke's Picks, Tina Turner still getting it done, America's quintessential sports writer Bob Ryan, Steven Hunter, Joe Barber, the e-mail machine, "Google that," product, Wilbon's America, the Chimp, Steve the Sycophant, Tamara, "No Tony. Yes David. No Tony," the mock draft, the rock draft, the clock draft, Mr. Kornmissioner, banned from the TK show, "The View," Padma, ESPN SportsZone, Mia Hamm blowing it for all athletes, Led Zeppelin, The Showkiller, ESPN gift bag, Junior's banishment, mandatory vacations, exploding manhole covers, colonoscopies, capes, Maggie, "This show stinks, stinks, stinks," that's it, that's the list. Thanks to Mark in D.C.
  • Shades of Sinatra: "Farewell to TK"  
  • Six years in 70 seconds   | Bits of Tony   | Final minutes on air  
  • John Clay bid Tony a fond farewell

    Dream Job: 'I would have had a total meltdown'
     Tony Kornheiser
    Tony Kornheiser reviewed his fifth week of judging on Dream Job. Tony sympathized with candidates who had to narrate new video without having seen it. "You know that I think that heads are mainly dopes," he said. "But this thing that these kids had to do, if the heads have to do this all the time, there's no shot that I could do that."
  • Week 1   | Week 2   | Week 3   | Week 4   | Week 5  
  • Mayne addition: Tony's last Dream Job comments on his show  

    Rounding up the usual suspects
    Mondays Sean Salisbury; David Dupree (USA Today/NBA)
    Tuesdays Sam Smith (Chicago Tribune/NBA); Pam Ward; Jim O'Connell, Associated Press basketball writer (11:30 ET)
    Wednesdays Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, John Riggins
    Thursdays Ron Jaworski, Jay Bilas (11 ET)
    Fridays ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr., David Aldridge, Stephen Hunter (Washington Post/Movies)
    Also: Dan Le Batard (Miami Herald), Tony Barnhardt (Atlanta Journal Constitution/college football), Mitch Albom (Detroit Free-Press), Dan Barrerio (Minneapolis Star Tribune), Joe Biddle (Tennessean of Nashville), Tim Cowlishaw (Dallas Morning News), Scott Fowler (Charlotte Observer) Mike Lupica (New York Daily News), Bernie Miklasz (St. Louis Post Dispatch), Len Pasquarelli (, Jay Adande (LA Times)

    Duke at work
    Dan "The Duke" Davis, whose distinctive voice delivers news and commentary during the show, is profiled in the Dec. 11 USA Today.
  • Brief glossary of Tony terms

    Talking with his pal Warren Sapp
     Dan Davis
    When not being interrupted by Tony, Dan "The Duke" Davis delivers SportsCenter updates and keen insight into the day's news.
    Tony said he did not like how this interview went, putting the blame on his performance, not Sapp's. But it's still interesting to read and hear it.
  • Wilbon rips those who mock Cubs curse  
  • Tuesdays with No. 1 fiction author, Mitch Albom  
  • Tony K.: 'It seemed to me Jesse Ventura actually had a platform'  
  • 'Sapp likes me'   ... Genuinely happy for Albom success  

    Behind The Heads
    Trey Wingo stole all his best lines. Dick Vitale lived clean. Dan Patrick abused hair-care products. And Stuart Scott once got his rocket science on. The "Behind The Heads" series has the story.
  • Vitale   | Wingo   | Patrick   | Scott  

    Cartoon Satchmo: The shocking pictures
    Tom Beland traces Tony Kornheiser's transformation into a Shock Jock.
  • Photos with ESPY gift bag | "Phil, look yourself up"
  • Stunning transformation  

    Some TV show. It's on radio, too. And email machines
     Michael Wilbon
    Watch PTI on
    Hear PTI on ESPNRadio
    Wilbon in Washington Post
    10 Q's for Tony and Wilbon
    Send email to Pardon the Interruption
    Take the PTI Stat Boy trivia challenge

    More about the orange-headed caped host
     Tony Kornheiser
    Tony Kornheiser, right, is your host. Andy Pollin, left, is one very big reason for the show's success.
    Make TK king of Amazon.
    I'm Back For More Shillings.
    Barnes and Noble enriches Tony
  • Ain't the mailbag funky now 
  • The claahssic version 
  • The Denyse Graves Operatic rendition 
  • The Elvis version. Thank you very much 

    'Banned from the Tony Kornheiser Show' clip

    Rise of the email machines
    The Leading New Email Suggestions
    8. T'
    ThisShowStinks was voted into existence as the show's email address, overcoming some worthy adversaries. The Tony Kornheiser Show has long relied on as its email address.

    Nothing but net
    "What's heard here, stays here."
    -- Tony Kornheiser, upon declaring the Internet-show's return at 10:26 a.m. ET, on Feb. 11, 2002.

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     Farewell To TK
    To the tune of Sinatra, it's a farewell to Tony Kornheiser.

     Going Through A Phrase
    The Tony Kornheiser Show: Here's a audio montage of a few memorable Tony phrases.

     Bald Buddies
    The Tony Kornheiser Show: Michael Wilbon pays his last respects to Tony's radio show.