Tuesday, November 23

my research paper is tedious

but also finally finished!!! *heaves big sigh of relief* I'm really gonna need the extra five points I'm going to get for turning this early.

Saturday, November 20

On my way to do a tedious chore...

a Giant Sponge Bob sighting

Thursday, November 18

my son keeps me from feeling tedious

"Mom I got another conduct slip, but..."

Tuesday, November 16

tedious thoughts

I've been in a funk for the past few weeks. I think today I've finally gotten beyond it. Work has been stressful, school has been disappointing (BORING teachers!) and everything has been feeling out of place and cluttered.

What has changed? Work is still stressful but I will be off next week thanks to a few well placed vacation days and company holidays. My research paper will be turned in on Tuesday and there are only a few weeks left before finals. : ) I will be using my well placed vacation days to clean and organize as well as dump some of the clutter. I've decided to attempt ebay (ebay virgin) as a way to dump my junk for a little cash. We'll see what happens. It may all end up at Goodwill.

It doesn't hurt my mood that I'm currently jamming out to the mellow tunes of Harry Connick Jr. - can't wait to get out Christmas music - I love his Christmas stuff.

Do you have a frind that you hardly ever talk to because life is busy but when you do it's like no time has gone by? Mine will be here for Thanksgiving. It's been over 10 years since we last saw each other. I can't wait!

In my opinion, Christmas lights should not be displayed before Thanksgiving. I saw a whole neighborhood lit up tonight. Poor Thanksgiving is just brushed aside.

I used to think Christmas lights were tacky but that was when I lived in a place where there was snow and pine bows to help you feel seasonal. Here people go crazy for the lights and get very competitive about it. Not really good sentiment for the season but it makes for a great show.

Kyle's various school projects seem to have slowed down tremendously. I'm don't know if parents complained that they didn't have time to finish them or what but it's been surprisingly quiet. He does have a science project coming up in December. I think he's found a scientific way to play with Bey Blades.

Tomorrow, Will joins me in the ranks of the 30 somethings. Happy Birthday Honey! xox

Monday, November 15

tedious thoughts

I feel like I'm running in slow motion.

Saturday, November 13

a tedious quote

"A man who keeps a diary pays, Due toll to many tedious days; But life becomes eventful - then, His busy hand forgets the pen. Most books, indeed, are records less Of fulness than of emptiness."

~William Allingham Irish man of letter and poet. 1824-1889

daily tediousness

Today I took this:

and turned it into this:

The result was...interesting. My purpose was to create a self portrait for this Mail Art exhibit which I will mail on Monday.

Tonight we watched Saved! If you're a christian fundamentalist you might find it a bit biting but if, like me, you have a background in christian fundamentalism (i.e. former Baptist) and are no longer affiliated with it you may find the movie very funny.

Friday, November 12

a VERY tedious movie

In my opinion, Van Helsing is the movie equivalent of fingernails across a chalkboard.

Wednesday, November 10

the holidays are far from tedious

For the first time ever it looks like I'm having guests for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition to the possibility that my inlaws might be here, a long lost friend of mine may come for Thanksgiving and one of my sisters is coming for Christmas. I'm excited yet a bit nervous. This is going to be different!

200 tedious posts...ha ha ha

Monday, November 8

daily tediousness

I think things have gotten back to normal.

Friday night Kyle had a sleep over. It doesn't take much to keep four nine year olds happy. Pizza, juice boxes and Halo. It was great having them, it was also great when they left. Kyle's friends are nearly as hyper as he is.

Saturday afternoon we saw The Incredibles(rated PG). What can I say? It was "incredible." I think this is one of the best movies I've seen all year. A wonderfully written story and fantasic look. If I have a chance I'd like to see it again before it leaves the theater.

Since then I have been plugging away at my research paper for English. Boring!!! Inspite of my struggle to pick something interesting it still eneded up boring. Hopefully I'll have it done in a few days and can put it behind me.

Tomorrow I get to register for next semester Spring '05 ( I can't believe we are already going to be halfway through the 00's and I still don't even know what to call them.). The Tai Chi class I wanted is already gone. I can't wait until I move a little higher in the food chain and have an opportunity to pick classes earlier. I'm going to attempt 4 classes this time and won't be getting home till 10 M-Th starting in January. :( Not the greatest schedule for home life but the more I can take now the sooner I can get the whole school thing out of the way.

Thanks for the doodle compliments. I continue to post them as I have time to do them. You may notice that they usually turn up Thursday night or Friday mornings. That's because I do them while I'm sitting in a 3 hour Art Appreciation class, in the dark, trying not to fall asleep.

Sunday, November 7

tedious thoughts

Ever watch Everybody Loves Raymond?

For nine years my family and my inlaws have lived less than 20 miles away from each other while we lived over 2000 miles away from all of them. A week ago, all of that changed when my father-in-law arrived to get things in order so that they could move down here.

My emotions are very mixed. I'm thrilled for Will that his parents will be close. On the other hand, their relationship with him has had its ups and downs. Their interest in Kyle has gone through many ups and downs as well. It has all left me with a lot of hurt and anger.

I'm going to try to put it all behind me and consider this a fresh start. In truth, I don't really even know them. I've hardly interacted with them since the time we got married.

I am at a crossroads.

Friday, November 5

my cat isn't tedious, he's crazy

Wednesday afternoon Will came home to find his cat Nitelite crouched unhappily outside our front door. Both of our cats are indoor cats so we are quite perplexed on how he ended up on the wrong side of the door. He's not the kind of cat to dart between you legs to escape to the outdoors but will wander outside if the door is left open. We can't figure out if it was us or one of the maintenance people. Probably us. Either way, he got out and now our household is in turmoil.

My cat, Elvis, likes to greet us at the door. When William walked in with Nitelite in his arms smelling of outside and Will's dad in tow (someone Elvis doesn't know well and is therefore uncomfortable with) he freaked! Yelling, meowing, skulking around in a constant state of agitation. He thinks we've moved a new cat into the house. Poor Nitelite is not acting like a new cat though, because he's where he belongs. He's been with us longer than Kyle has.

This has been going on for two days. The cats are stressed, we are stressed. Isn't owning a pet supposed to reduce stress?

Today I found them both asleep in the same room. Maybe Elvis is coming to his senses.

work is tedious

I'm doing everything except the one thing I'm supposed to be doing.

Thursday, November 4

another tedious little doodle

Here's a goofy self portrait.

Wednesday, November 3

the tediousness of politics

So who won? Nobody seems to know or doesn't want to say.

a tedious observation about the changing of the seasons

It's migration time.
And not just for the birds...
The old people are flocking in as well.

Tuesday, November 2

If the real news election coverage is getting tedious...

Check out the fake news-Indecision 2004 on the Daily Show Kill some time waiting for election results to come in by playing a few games.

Monday, November 1

a weekends worth of tedious goings on

We decided to go vote Friday night. It was a long line. If you're curious, this is the guy I voted for.

When I joined Curves, I'd made a promise to myself that I would participate in any kind of event they sponsored or participated in. Saturday was the first time I had to make good on that promise. They were sponoring a 5 mile walk to support breast cancer research. I'll be honest and say that I didn't do the whole five miles. I did about 3 1/2 maybe 4 miles. It was enough. My hamstrings are KILLING me and my feet aren't very happy with me either. Must get better sneakers.

Spent the afternoon cleaning.

Saturday evening Kyle's school had its annual fall festival. I had volunteered to help for the first hour with his classroom's booth. They sponsored a cakewalk. The cakewalk was a cakewalk!

Last year, his classroom sponsored a fortune telling booth. I had no idea what my responsibilities would be. I spent an hour dressed up in a cloak and silly hat making up kids futures. "When you grow up you might become a...." Sometimes I could get it right on the nose based on their costume other times I'd be way off base. It was fun yet incredibly nerve wracking. This years booth was so much easier and one of the most popular.

In an attempt to cut short the "Mom I need more tickets" whine I gave Kyle $20 and told him that it was his and there was no more. Any money he didn't spend he could keep. He walked out of there with a cake he won in the cakewalk and $5 in his pocket.

Will missed out on the fun. He was at home waiting for his dad to come into town.

Fall back to normal time! I HATE Daylight Savings time and think they need to do away with it. I spend all summer feeling like I haven't gotten enough sleep.

Sunday morning was my day to go do laundry. Will had promised me he would do my share of the laundry if I took his car to get inspected. Before I could get it inspected the darn thing died. So we are down to one car at the moment and I'm still stuck with my days of laundry :( .

Kyle and I spent the afternoon making a Jack-O-Latern, roasted pumpkin seeds and a pumpkin pie. The pie was actually made from a real "pie" pumpkin. It's pretty tasty but not as sweet as one made from the canned pumpkin mix. It also takes a bit more work so I think in the long run we'll stick to the canned stuff.

We did not have a single Trick-or-Treater. I think, next year I'm not even going to worry about the candy.

carving can be tedious when you can't locate last years Pumpkin Masters carving kit

Kyle scooped the guts and made the design. I got to cut it out. I looked everywhere for that little carving kit which I'm sure I'll find tomorrow. Instead I resorted to the knife. I'll tell you...I've been taking that mini saw blade for granted. Kyle was very happy with the final result but next year plans to make sure we have the kit so he can do the cutting.