July 20-26, 2003


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Cool front brings some storms

A rare July cool front brought clouds and a few storms into Texas in the middle of the week.

On Tuesday, there were a handful of hail and wind reports in North Texas. Fort Worth had some hail along with some trees and a billboard blown down. Rainfall reports from 7 a.m. Tuesday to 7 a.m. Wednesday include Longview 1.06, Lufkin 1.41, Nacogdoches 4.46, Center 4.01, Rusk 3.50, "Garrison 2SE" 3.24, "Palestine 2NE" 4.05, and "Long Lake - Trinity River" 3.80.

On Wednesday, there were about 6 hail reports and 7 wind reports scattered across Central and West Texas. Damage included trees, barn, and fence in Milam County, barn in Blanco County, a roof in Kimble County, many trees with an injury in Waring in Kendall County, house in Kinney County, and a trailer in Del Rio. Rainfall reports from 7 a.m. Wednesday to 7 a.m. Thursday include Victoria 1.34, "Long Lake - Trinity River" 3.45, Lake Limestone 2.43, Centerville 2.10, Madisonville 2.20, and Woodlake 2.28.

On Thursday, the NWS reported a storm blew down power lines and trees in Cuero in DeWitt County, as well as Lavaca County. Rainfall reports from 7 a.m. Thursday to 7 a.m. Friday include Beaumont 1.88, "Colorado River nr Lane City" 1.74, "HOU-Keegans Bayou@Keegans Rd" 1.69, and "Alief-Brays Bayou @ Belle Park" 1.54.

This weekend, Southeast Texas remains in a showery pattern. Rainfall reports from 7 a.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Sunday include Silsbee 1.50, "HOU-Carpenters Bayou @ IH 10" 1.22, and "Seabrook-Taylor Lake@NASA Rd 1" 1.11.

4 counties to get federal disaster help

Brazoria, Galveston, Bee, and Goliad counties were given federal disaster status to allow people to get funds for rebuilding. Five other counties were given the status last week in the wake of Hurricane Claudette. State officials said Claudette destroyed 237 houses, and more than 4,000 homes and businesses were damaged.

West Texas blooms after Claudette

Up to 5 inches of rain fell in West Texas last week because of the remnants of Hurricane Claudette. The San Antonio Express-News reports that suddenly, the arid landscape has bloomed with a temporary profusion of flowers and green growth. The rain has helped restore the flow of the Rio Grande at Big Bend National Park. Amistad Reservoir has risen more than 4 feet.

July rainfall keeps temperatures mild

San Antonio has been relatively mild with highs in the low 90s this week. San Antonio has had a wet July, so the plants are green and the soil is very moist, helping to keep the highs down. San Antonio has had no H-days so far this year. It's much like last summer, when I believe there was only one H-day.

In contrast, Dallas had several consecutive highs of 100 or greater last week into this week. An article in the Dallas Morning News talked about how officials have taken steps in recent years that have reduced the number of heat-related deaths.

Rainfall ruins promising cotton crop

The Associated Press reports that cotton farmers in the Rio Grande Valley were predicting the best crop in 15 years. The area had 12 inches of rain through the end of June, about 4 inches above normal. Unfortunately, storms spun off from Hurricane Claudette have ruined much of the crop. A successful cotton harvest must have no rain during July and August, and the Valley had up to 7 inches of rain last week.

In Port Lavaca, three grain elevators were destroyed by Claudette, forcing farmers to either dump their harvest on the ground or try to store it at the port of Corpus Christi.


None this week


Sunday: Partly sunny to sunny with cumulus. We had an air quality health alert.

Monday: Partly sunny with cumulus.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with cumulus.

Wednesday: Cloudy early, then partly cloudy with flat cumulus. Somewhat hazy. Radar showed scattered storms to the northeast moving south and southwest. An outflow boundary passed through from the northeast in the afternoon. Heavy T-storms formed north and northwest of us and moved southwest, while Bexar County had little rain. At 4:30 p.m., observed thick overcast darkening toward the west, with some cumulus in the northeast.

Thursday: Partly cloudy and hazy with cumulus. In afternoon radar showed scattered storms to the east moving southwest. A couple of small, short-lived storms popped in northwest and south Bexar County. These storms dominated an otherwise clear sky in late afternoon.

Friday: Partly sunny with cumulus, somewhat hazy.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with cumulus. Isolated to scattered T-storms popped to the east and south, with 2-3 showers moving northwest across northeast Bexar County. I observed some of this activity around 6:30 p.m. and the person I was with at the time saw a faint rainbow.


Temperature in Fahrenheit, precipitation in Inches
             Current  Records
             Hi   Lo  Hi   Lo  Precipitation
Sunday       90   73  101  66    0
Monday       91   75  102  65    0
Tuesday      92   76  101  64    0
Wednesday    90   77  103  67    trace
Thursday     92   76* 104  65    0
Friday       91   74  104  64    0
Saturday     92   76  106  67    trace
Normal       95   74
* Low at 11:59 p.m.

 Days with low of 32 or below since 7/1: 0
 Days with low of 32 or below since 1/1: 9
Days with high of 100 or more since 1/1: 0
Air Quality Health Alerts since April 1: 13

Precipitation, month to date: 7.59 inches
Precipitation, year to date: 14.69

Additional rainfall reports (see note below)
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
"San Antonio 8NNE"
0      0      0       0         0        0      0
"SAT-Kelly AFB" (now KellyUSA business park)
0      0      0       0         0        0      0
"Helotes 4SW"
0      0      0       0         0        0      0
"SAT-Stinson Mncpl Airport"
0      0      0       0         0        0      0
"Elmendorf-San Antonio Rvr"
0      0      0       0.02      0        0      0
"Helotes - Huebner Ck"
0      0      0       0         0        0      0
"Randolph AFB"
0      0      0       0         0        0      0

Wind in mph:  Average   Highest sustained   Highest gust 
Sunday        8.5       16 se               20 s
Monday        9.2       17 s                21 s
Tuesday       8.8       16 s                18 s
Wednesday     6.4       15 se               18 s
Thursday      7.2       16 se               20 se
Friday        8.8       17 se               22 se
Saturday      11.3      23 se               25 se

Sunrise: 6:51 a.m. Sunset: 8:30 p.m.

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