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By:   Carolyn Johnson

How to make small trees that go over one of those renusit air fresheners that are shaped like a cone.

It calls for a g crochet hook whitch makes it a little tight, but I got around that by trying to keep my stitches loose because you start at the top of the tree and go to the bottom and come back up to the top to make the branches and that can make the work tighter and it won't fit to well over the renusit if you work to tight. I guess you can use a bigger hook, but the branches might not look to nice. Ok with a size g hook and four ply yarn ch6 and join tog with a slst. row 1: 1 sc in each chst. row 2: two sc in each sc of previous row, 12sts. row 3: in front loop only 1sc in each stitch of previous row 12sts; making sure that ridges from front loop are on outside of cone. row 4: 1sc in front loop of first three sts, 2sc in next stitch, *rpt across row, 15 sts in row. row 5: sc in front loop of each st of previous row 15st. Repeat this pattern until you have 36sts increase three times in every other row, ending with 36sts and last row in front loop sc across all 36sts. FIRST ROW OF BRANCHES: Along front loop of each st at bottom 3dc in each of the 36 sts across row. Skip the next row and go up to the next row. (Each row is a stripe from going in the front loop.) Work 3dc in each st 33 sts in that row. Repeat to top of tree (last row of branches should be 12 sts with 3dc in each st.) Cut yarn and tuck end in top. After tree is finished put a bead in the first and last stitch of each little branch. Don't put a bead between the branches. Tree will be covered with beads. You should only see a little bit of green between the beads. It says put each bead on with a shraight pin but I sew them on so they stay. That would be a lot of pins and in the way. Putting on the beads is the hardest part since you need so many. Thats why I don't make to many of them. I hope you can figure out this pattern. If you have any questions just ask and I'll try to explain. Take care, and hope you can make this tree ok. Carolyn.

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