QwikMacro TM

"The World's Best Macro Management System!"

An Add-on for WordPerfect TM

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QwikMacro shows you how to perform any wordprocessing function in less than two seconds - guaranteed !

A government office installed QwikMacro and saw their writers and secretaries score 30-60% gains in handling basic wordprocessing functions.

Spend 30 minutes getting acquainted with QwikMacro, and you'll have a friend for life!

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BEFORE DOWNLOADING, please note the following:

  1. Put your downloaded QwikMacro file in your WordPerfect Macro Directory.
  2. Go into Explorer (or whatever File Manager you use) and DOUBLE-CLICK on your QwikMacro file, which will unzip your QwikMacro files.
  3. Go into WordPerfect and retrieve the README file from your Macro Directory. It will tell you how to get QwikMacro "up and running."

NOW, click the download that corresponds to your version of WordPerfect . . . and get ready for the best "macro experience" you have ever had!

  • Windows 11 - 25 files, 103k

  • Windows 10 - 26 files, 213k

  • Windows 9 - 26 files, 115k

  • Windows 8 - 26 files, 114k

  • Windows 7 - 26 files, 111k

  • Windows 6.1 - 26 files, 119k

  • Windows 6.0 - 26 files, 115k

  • DOS 6.0/6.1 - 26 files, 105k

  • DOS 5.1 - 25 files, 77k


    Drop me a note, with your comments or questions:larrydq@aol.com

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    For further information on QwikMacro, contact:

    Larry Christenson
    65168 County Road 174
    NORTHOME MN 56661-1876
    Phone & FAX: (218) 897-5794
    Email: larrydq@aol.com

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