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Mega Man Soccer
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Review by Sportsman
Reviewer's Score: 6/10, Originally Posted: 12/02/2002

Mega Man Soccer is Capcom's first attempt on making a soccer game using the Mega Man license. Mega Man Soccer can be enjoyed not only by fans of Mega Man or fans of Soccer, but because of its arcade style gameplay, it can be enjoyed by anyone. Although is suffers in a few areas, Mega Man fans should defiantly check it out.

Mega Man Soccer's story is pretty weak, but how many Soccer games have stories! You could consider the story a bonus. The story is that there is a Robot Soccer league. All of a sudden, Dr. Wily and his evil robots come and take over the league. They said if you ever want to play peacefully again, they would have to beat them in a game of soccer. The story is only told in the beginning, it doesn't reveal itself as the game progresses. Since Soccer games don't need a story, the weak story doesn't affect the game at all.

Mega Man Soccer features some very creative ideas and is at first very fun to play. The controls are simple; the A, B, X, and Y buttons all kick the ball, but the kicks are different. B is for shooting at the goal (power-kicking), A is for clearing the ball (kicking the ball very far and high), and Y is for passing. On defense, A steals the ball and B and Y slide tackle. The gameplay is definitely arcade-styled. There are no rules, except for out of bounds rules such as goal kicks, corner kick, kick in etc. Each robot has different stats, plus their own special attack. Special attacks are executed by pressing B and R at the same time. They are vital to your success. Although some goalies can block certain attacks, they can be used for stunning players and kicking long distances. You only get a limited amount per round (between 0 and 9, you can select it at the options menu), so you’ll have to learn to use them wisely. I really liked the fact that you can have the computer control the goalie. The AI-controlled goalie isn’t always smart, but it makes the game much easier, and is overall much better then manual-controlled goalies.

There are 4 modes of play in Mega Man Soccer. There is an exhibition mode, which is a standard game. You choose the players, and what field you wish to play on. You can play on a team with someone, you can play against someone, or you can play by yourself. There’s Capcom Championship, which is the story mode. There is tournament, which you choose a team and play in a bracket format. There is League mode, which is like an arcade-style season. You compete for the highest rank (#1). Then of course there is the options menu.

A lot of customization options are available. You can customize your team any way you like (in exhibition mode). You can choose players, formations, and the field you wish to play on. The only big feature that Capcom missed is the ability the customize the opposing team. The opposing team is always a team of Megamans, and you can’t do anything about it at all. This becomes very repetitive, and once you learn all of their tactics, you won’t find any reason to play the exhibition mode anymore. You can customize the opposing team if it is human-controlled, but the lack of computer-controlled customization is extremely unfortunate.

Mega Man Soccer is a fun game for a little bit. As you play the game for a while, the fun will eventually die out. This game will leave you very sad because there is NO endings, not even in Capcom Championship, the story mode! Once you beat the game, you will see the word congratulations appear on the screen, and then you are taken back to the main menu! How pathetic! All that work and no ending? Come on Capcom! It’s obvious that the developers didn’t put too much work in this category. This was a huge disappointment.

That’s not the only gameplay flaw. It gets worse. There are NO difficulty levels available, and the one and only difficulty level is extremely easy. After about 5 matches or so, you’ll be blowing out the computer by as much as 15 points! I does seem that the AI gets smarter in the second half, but still, the game is too easy. One more thing is that the options are limited. There isn’t much you can customize, and NOTHING to unlock. Overall, Mega Man Soccer is a fun game, with too many flaws preventing it from being great.

The graphics are very nice and colorful. The ground textures are very nice, and so are the character models. The animations are outstanding. The backgrounds, although in 2D, are very well done. There is a lot of detail. In some levels, you'll see cars in parking lots. You will also notice advertising banners. You will also see people in the crowd. Their eyes always seem to be watching the ball. The special affects are also excellent.

There are some good points to the graphics, but they are also not without some of problems. Although the character animations are excellent, the character models are kind of blocky. What's really bad about the graphics is there is an occasional slowdown, and the frame rate sometimes drops extremely low. This will make the game occasionally pause, which can become a pain. Even with these flaws Mega Man Soccer is one of the better SNES games. The graphics is defiantly Mega Man Soccer's biggest strength.

The music in Mega Man Soccer is also great. I found some of the songs very catchy. There are many different songs, and it is not at all repetitive. The songs seem to perfectly fit each of the game's many different stages. Although they’re not revolutionary, and I wouldn’t ever consider buy the game's soundtrack if it was sold in stores, the songs are still great and one of the best I’ve ever heard in a mega man game.

The only problem with the game's audio is the sound affects. They are way too repetitive. Each slide tackle sounds the same, each kick sounds the same (except for power-kicks), and each special attack sounds the same when executed. Each robot’s special attack is different, so that could have definitely been improved. The sound affects aren't bad, but Capcom definitely could of put more time into improving the sound affects by adding more variety and increasing the overall quality.

Replay value is all up to you. After you beat the game, and are able to crush the computer by 10 or more points, you won’t want to play this game again. This can all be accomplished in under 10 hours. There is multiplayer modes available; you can play either you and an opponent versus the computer, or you versus another person. If you have a friend that is willing to play against you, that is when this game truly shines. So get a friend, and this game will own you.


Even with its many flaws, Mega Man Soccer is a solid attempt that falls short in a few key areas. If you have a friend who will play with you, much enjoyment will be found in Mega Man Soccer. If the developers took a little more time into this game, Mega Man Soccer would have been great. If you can find this game for a relatively cheap price, buy it. You might like it.

Story 6/10- Not so great, but since the story in a type of game like this isn’t so important, it doesn’t hurt the overall game too much.

Gameplay 6/10-A poor AI, no ending, and a lack of features hurt a highly enjoyable and entertaining game.

Graphics 7/10- Excellent graphics are among the best on SNES, but the frame rate and constant slowdowns ruins otherwise awesome visuals.

Sound 7/10- Great variety of excellent music, but the game only puts out two or three boring sound affects.

Replay Value 6/10- Multiplayer will last forever, but you’ll be done with the single player game very shortly. Sure hope you have friends to play with.

Detailed Graphics
Fun Multiplayer
Good Soundtrack
Creative ideas

No challenge
Poor sound affects

Overall: 6.3/10

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