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Hi. I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Texas at Austin. Go to my Austin home.

I worked in Krste Asanovìc's SCALE group at MIT. I am working on a hardware/software design for fine grained memory protection called Mondriaan Memory Protection. Our first publication used the English spelling Mondrian, with a single letter, "a." We have adopted the Dutch double "a" as Mondriaan himself used. I also worked with Frans Kaashoek's  (note the authentic Dutch double "a")  parallel and distributed operating systems group.

Here is a reverse chronological list of my papers.

Here is some unpublished work on software extended architectures.

While getting my masters, and for a year after, I worked for Mendel Rosenblum, in the SimOS simulation group, which is part of the FLASH project at Stanford university, where I helped write these papers. They deal with fast machine simulation via dynamic binary translation, a characterization of operating system services based on the machine simulation technology, and a paper about the entire machine simulation system, not just the part I wrote.