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This Malderon's Mirrors Webring member site by Colin Chapman.

The Talislanta game and fantasy world are the creations of Stephan Michael Sechi. Talislanta is a trademark of SMS, and is used by Pharos Press under authorization. All rights reserved. The Talislanta 10th Anniversary Edition is (c)1997 by Stephan Michael Sechi, John Harper, Adam Sonfield, and Pharos Press. The work on this site is (c) to the respective authors and artists. In cases where an artist or author is not named, the work is the creation of Colin Chapman (also known as the Psychedelic Goblin) and is (c) by him. Work from Talislanta featured on these pages is used with permission from Stephen Michael Sechi. If you break these copyrights we will track you down and do unspeakable things to you with a blunt spoon...

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