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2004/11/29 Mame 0.89u1

  • A new version of Mame is out, with several great sega games fully playable now (moonwalker, bloxeed,laser ghost, ryu kyu).
  • The screenshots are not finished, but meanwhile you can have a look at my WIP review


2004/11/26 New Videos

  • TAS 2012 has updated the Mame Videos torrent with latest videos (dated 22 of November).
  • Thanks to Mamu_ for transfers and checking, and Tas for hosting the torrent.


2004/11/24 Mame 0.89

  • Shots are updated, and I wrote my 2nd review, for Mame 0.89


2004/11/23 Readme

  • If you wonder why some shots are just a dot, or you have any other question, check the text file I include in every release.


2004/11/22 Mame 0.88u7

  • Only one thing to say : it's great to see old Sega games fully working.
  • I wrote my first review in english, for Mame.


2004/11/19 News

  • I accidentally killed the site earlier. No big deal.
  • You'll have to wait a little before I can release a correct shot update. I'm too busy right now to release something good.


2004/11/15 Videos WIP

  • Since my first release of videos, I've done more than 200 new videos. It's great now to have all shooters, puzzle... UPDATE : actually it's more than 500 videos. I overestimated the first release. These new videos are not yet on the torrent.
  • the project is coming to a limit. I'm not able to do suitable videos for many sports, tabletop, mahjong games... if anyone wants to contribute, contact me. Sometimes I don't have the correct controller. And if anyone knows how to aim correctly with Carnevil...
  • If you missed it earlier, the Videos Torrent is still available.
  • Two new sites got my authorization to use my screenshots. One Italian, one Danish.Danske brugere kan nu se mine billeder på en Dansk website !
  • If you're interested by my shots, all you have to do is mail me, and as long as I'm correctly credited, you can then use my shots on your website.


2004/11/14 Mame 0.88u4

  • the new site is not coming yet, and I can't host the files on this server. So it will be only on Emu-France until further notice.
  • Files are finished for Mame 0.88u4. Thanks to Charles' Sega Work and Nicola analysis, it's sure great to see these old school Sega games emulated.


2004/11/08 Mame 0.88u3

  • Update for Mame 88u3.
  • The files are on Emu-France as usual, but I might update my website soon.


2004/11/05 Videos Torrent

  • Thanks to TAS 2012, there is a torrent to download my MNGs and MP3s easily.


2004/11/02 Mame 0.88u2

  • Update for Mame 88u1/u2.
  • As usual (as long as the new site is not ready), the files are here.


2004/10/26 Videos

  • I started long ago a MNG/MP3 collection. So far it's only supported by AdvanceMenu, but I'm told it's I put a small download and run preview here. If you have more bandwitdh and want another neat aspect of theses videos, then download the image and audio files to enjoy HyperDrive at full speed ! I uploaded them on newsgroups so get the nzb files for easy downloading. I made a DAT to help you sort things
  • If someone plans to run a torrent for these files, contact me.


2004/10/25 Mame 0.88

  • Update for Mame 87u3/u4.
  • the files are here.


2004/10/19 Mame 0.87u4

  • Update for Mame 87u3/u4. Thanks to KillerClown, Logiqx, Mevi and ck for their help.
  • the files are here.


2004/10/06 Mame 0.87u2

  • 5 days later... New mame. Get the update here Emu-france.
  • (personal projects, cps2shock and flu...)


2004/10/05 SolidMerge script

  • I wanted to be able to easily merge similar files (like clones romsets) in Solid archives, so I wrote a little script called SolidMerge.
  • It can help you save gigabytes without hassle (I used it to fit Passigar 0.3 on 3 GB), it's just relying on Windows 2000 commands and 7za.exe from 7-zip.
  • It does the same thing as GoodMerge. It's just that GoodMerge only works for 'Good' romsets, and requires you to scan them with Goodtools. So If you just use offline-list, then SolidMerge will help.


2004/10/01 Mame 0.87u1

  • I really miss time to make a better update of my website. So I uploaded it at Emu-france.
  • I hope I'll have more time later.


2004/09/27 Mame 0.87

  • I updated my screenshots for Mame 0.87. CPS2 and my other projects delayed this big update.
  • I only uploaded to newsgroups so far. I link NZB files here to make downloading even easier.

  • I recompressed old & uncompressed screenshots, so if you don't download the whole pack, you'll either need to recompress them using the script (took 1h30min on a 2GHz) or downloading recompressed files in the other pack I provide.

  • If you can't download the whole pack, then you obviously want today's update. The DAT file is included in the archive.this update is based on latest WIP of 2004/08/28.

  • If you don't have access to newsgroups, don't worry I'll update my website later.
  • If you don't know what a NZB is, check alt.binaries.emulation.misc manually with your newsgroups client


2004/08/28 Mame 0.86u1

  • A big wip update (25 mb), due to artwork shots. Nice Namco System 22 shots, not fully playable yet tho.


2004/08/25 Mame 0.86

  • As CutebutWrong pointed it, I uploaded and updated everywhere but here.
  • Mame 0.86 Shots. Still 100%. Virtua Racing ingame much better, Seibu SPI improved, and a new section : artwork shots. It's title shots with backdrop, bezels, overlay, uncropped. (example).
  • So at last, I officially reached 100%. I can only thanks Caesar, CutebutWrong, and all the other people helping me by reporting miss and outdated screenshots. No miss, no Extra.


2004/08/16 Mame 0.85u2 WIP Shots

  • Just some news to tell you that I updated my WIP shot pack very often lately. This pack is updated to Mame 85u2 now, with 100% titles and ingame, no miss, no extra. Thanks to BlackDiamond and Seb4771 for their help at the last moments.
  • Remember there is a ClrMame .DAT I provide with every releases, and the .DAT for the WIP pack is in the archive itself, with the shots.


2004/08/10 Mame 0.85 Shots


2004/06/06 Mame 0.83 Shots

  • New shots... Update still delayed (sigh).
  • It's a big update for Special shots, since I added "Versus" shots and "Select" shots for Quiz.


2004/05/09 Mame 0.82 Shots

  • After many mame updates. My site's big update is still delayed. I'll have much more time very soon.


2004/04/04 Mame 0.81 Shots

  • New shots... I hope it's the latest update "this" way.


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