Code Review, Source Code Metrics and Reports Code Review, Source Code Metrics and Reports Code Review, Source Code Metrics, and Historical Analysis
for Perforce, ClearCase, PVCS, SourceSafe, Subversion, Vault, and CVS
Want Fast, Audited
Peer Code Reviews?
Code Review
Code Reviewer
enables peer review of source code changes before files are checked into version control. Automatic audit trails and project check-lists. Save time every day by expediting your code reviews.
Is your project dragging,
churning, or flying?
Code Metrics Trending
Code Reports
adds dimensions of authors and continuous time to source code metrics. Combine version control and issue-tracking data. Custom reporting through XML, Excel, Crystal Reports, or any other report-writing software.
Regression bugs
killing your schedule?
File Diff
Code Historian
performs file-differencing, code analysis, multi-file search, and data-export. Integrates with your version control system.
Want better
source code metrics?
Source Analysis
Code Metrics
combines project-wide data-gathering and analysis with the single-file analysis features of Code Historian.