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ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with Microsoft Windows(R) applications and drivers.

ReactOS is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Relationship with the WINE project
ReactOS has always planned to work with the WINE project to share as much programming effort as possible.
This will mainly concern User Mode DLLs and will happen once ReactOS's Kernel Mode areas are more complete, as those areas form the underlying infrastructure. Other areas of cooperation lie in applications and testing suites.

Supporting other System Applications
The Microsoft Windows(R) architecture allows for subsystems, as does the ReactOS architecture. A subsystem is an implementation of the APIs of another operating system, allowing ReactOS to run applications from other systems. We are already looking at subsystems for: Java, OS/2 and DOS and possibly others in the future.


ReactOS 0.2.4

0.2.4 Changelog
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Latest News

New Forum
Wednesday 01 December 2004 5:02:10 pm

The old forum was replaced by a better one.

ReactOS Newsletter Splash
Thursday 18 November 2004 7:35:26 pm

Zach Tong has made the first article on Splash - ReactOS's new newsletter - available.

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Latest Blogs

Current progress and future timeline.
Tuesday 16 November 2004 5:14:16 am

I've been quite busy lately, so here's an update.

By Alex Ionescu

Networking progress
Saturday 13 November 2004 2:12:25 am

Good news, somebody other than me is using the tcp stack! WaxDragon got his ReactOS setup and was able to telnet to the host from the vm!

Other good news too...

By art yerkes

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