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KittyTown Rescue

Kittytown Rescue
Employed by Ryan Kardash of Hydroaxe Productions, I've been working on Kittytown Rescue for over a year now as the sole programmer and artist.
Hydroaxe Productions Website
KittyTown Rescue

Deep Sea Adventures
Enter the world of the deep sea; a world of mysterious creatures and undiscovered wonders. A fish family's treasure has been stolen. It is up to you to reclaim the treasure from the dangerous sea creatures.
Deep Sea Adventures Website
Download: Deep Sea Adventures
Dungeon: Gladiator

Dungeon: Gladiator
Dungeon: Gladiator was my first employment at a game development company. Complex Games is the first incorporated Winnipeg game development company.
Dungeon: Gladiator Website
Complex Games Website
Ending World

Ending World
An epic scale RPG that I've been working on in various forms since 1998. The most recent incarnation was born several months ago. (WARNING: Download is a WIP (Work in Progress). Please read the readme.txt file before running. WinRAR is required for extraction.)
Download: Ending World Tech Demo WIP
Zaphire Productions
Zaphire Productions Games
Zaphire Productions was a freeware game development team that I started back in early 2000. We completed a number of titles; some of them are available here for download.
Download: NiM-2 (2004 re-release)
Download: ZPBlocks
Download: Invasion
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