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Another mass ban... 27.10.2004
Brand new mass ban in Runescape 1.

Added forums 18.10.2004
Just in case anyone has anything useful to say - do it in forums: http://www.kaitnieks.com/scr/

New article 22.07.2004
Evil Cowgod has written RSCN history.

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Welcome to Kaitnieks.Com

For RuneScape cheaters
You should know that I have left RuneScape cheating. So if anyone is distributing cheat programs using my name, it's a keylogger. Don't download it. I still read forums of cheating communities but I do NOT distribute programs in them.

Do NOT download cheats from any kind of forums if someone distributes programs using my name.
Do NOT download from SCAR websites because there is no official SCAR website other than this.
Do NOT download from person using MSN kaitnieks@hotmail.com - that's NOT me.
Feel free to ask me for credibility of any web site by e-mail
Ask yourself if it's worth downloading a cheat program from unreliable sources, risking to lose your game accounts, risking someone reading your private e-mails, impersonating you on MSN or forums.

Clean sites
I do not take any responsibility, not all are my sites. The site owner might change the clean files to keyloggers without me knowing, download anything on your own risk.
http://kaitnieks.serveris.lv - my server, nothing really on it.
http://www.ltn.lv/~aivars27/ - another server of mine, nothing on it.
http://umr.edu/~smm7b2/ - Dylock's site, nothing on it.
http://www.poonscape.com/downloads.htm - new Dylock's site.

www.rscheatnet.com - official ex-Evilcowgod community site.
www.rsunknown.com - official ex-ex-Evilcowgod community site.
www.richyt.com - I don't know much about this site, but last time I checked it was clean.
www.zonehacks.com/runescape (down) - RANCID's site, he's also working on user friendly scriptable color macro.
www.scriptdump.net - SCAR scripts, lots of old non-working scripts though.
http://www.rei-net.org/ - excellent resource with JAVA bot for RS1 and tutorials on creating one yourself.
http://www.autorune.org/ - Josh's cheating site. He has took over AutoRune but he is also known for his scamming, so be careful.
http://www.ghostmagem.tk/ - site by Random Hero.

Scam sites
Please contact me if you stumble accross any other. The links are prefixed with SCAM- so search engines don't index them from this site.
http://www.ocr-rune.com - quite well made scam site, claims to be Evo and offers ixbot download which is in fact a keylogger; Warning - your antivirus might not detect it!
http://autorune.tripod.com/ - asks money for SCAR and ColdFeet, which are supposed to be for free.
www.fagex.com - complete scam, download of SCAR contains BPK keylogger.
www.rscheats.com - blame yourself if you download and run any of it or if you are stupid enough to pay for any of it.
www.scarnet.tk - claims to be SCAR mirror. It isn't though.
forum.free-games.com.au - one of the most silly RS cheating forums I have ever seen. Everything there is scam.
http://www.rs-advantage.com - selfmade keylogger.
http://www.runescrape.tk - files contain BPK keylogger.
http://www.rscheatnet.NET - impersonates rscheatnet.COM but offers download of keylogger.

About me
I'm a Latvian programmer, there is not much more. I'm 21, male.

About this site
This site will be about cheating in online multiplayer games. I will explore methods to protect games from cheaters, and also to cheat and macro in multiplayer games. The site will be finished as soon as I have free time. 

Contact me
Phone: +371 6497090
(It's mostly for spam but I do read it)

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