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Here's alternate alminium BRM cockpit for latest GPLEA BRM.


current files discription/installation preview
"Optional player BRM skins for GPLEA BRM83" ere's alternate player BRM carskins for latest GPLEA BRM. Avalable in 5 colors.(Yes, my taste is bad)

Small note: You have to rename "brm83blak.mip" to "brm83blk.mip" for all my BRM skins to work with latest GPLEA BRM 1.1. OR just get this file and drop included "brm83blk.mip"to your brm folder.
"BRM steering with spanner for GPLEA BRM" Alternate BRM steering wheel with spanner. For GPLEA BRM. 1
"Retro 48v skins for GPLEA Ferrari 48v" More retro-look version of my Ferrari skins for GPLEA Ferrari 48v. 1
"Retro RA300 skins for GPLEA honda" More retro-look version of my RA300 skins for GPLEA honda. 1
"Alternate BRM skins for GPLEA BRM83"v1 Here's alternate 16 bit BRM carskins for latest GPLEA BRM. I have edited my last BRM skin so that it fits to new GPLEA car. BTW, I really appreciate and congrats all GPLEA clue for finishing another fantastic car, and also want to thank Berca and Nils personally for their generous understanding:) Keep up the GREAT work guys! 1
"cooper full skin pack for Volker's cooper"v1 Requested by some people so I made cooper skin pack with 4 playercar choices and also 3 wheel choices. In order for these to work properly, you have to get and install modified cooper 3do by Micheal_S, (http://forum.racesimcentral.com/showthread.php?s=590bef3e0f6f0996af2110f7dcf88f5f&threadid=43649)and 3D Wheels Halibrand by Guy Barrett(included in JF carset cooper pack), in advance. Also I want to thank Bjoern and Citytea for their ideas wich I've taken a lot. 1
"shiny brabham skins for Bruce's Brabham" Set of shinier Brabham skins for Bruce M Johnson's Brabham. Idea is taken from Loyd Cole's Brabham skin. Many thanks Loyd. 1
"Ai faces and helmets for all teams"v1 Set of Ai faces and helmets. 1
"BRM skins"v2 16 bit BRM carskins. With new color scheme and fixed spelling mistake:P 1
"Micha's Lotus latest updates" Here's latest modification for Micha's Lotus done by both Alan Dickeson and Simon Stobbart. Now Micha Lotus has textured windscreen(Internal/Simon, External/ Alan), Deeper rear dish Wheel(Alan), One-piece steering wheel(Simon), and textured external mirror rim(Alan)! Cool:)
Lastly textures, except for external mirror rim which is done by Alan, are made by eguzo. Many many thanks to Bruce M Johnson, Michael_S, and lot of other fellow editors who has concerned with this particular car editting in the past.
"Online Eagle skins for GPLEA Eagle" Online Eagle skins for GPLEA Eagle. I modified AI cars a little bit,
so they are also included.
"Online RA300 skins for GPLEA honda"v1 RA300 onlineskin. Another request item from evil umrk-san:D 1
"Cooper dash for Volkers cooper"v1


Cooper dash. Someone at RSC asked for this sometime ago. *This is for Volker Holz cooper 1
"Another BRM Steering" Alternate orangey leather BRM wheel. 1
"BRM online skins" 16 bit BRM online carskin. 1
"BRM dash" New BRM dash. Another request item from Graham Fordham. Not very pretty...but this is best I could do for current BRM. 1
"red brabham skin" I made it for myself for no reason:P 1
"brabham online skins" 16bit online skin for Bruce's Brabham. Requested item from umrk-san. 1
"Alternate Eagle dash for GPLEA Eagle"v1 Yesterday I found Rufer's collections of beautiful Eagle pictures on the web and thought it might be nice making new dash out of it. Many thanks Rufer:) 1
"67 Eagle skin for GPLEA Eagle" v4 Eagle skin for GPLEA Eagle got version4. Have fun.

*If you want to have matching engine cover, Robert Campbell did very good one. So please go here:)


"BRM skins"v1 BRM carskins V1(player and ai), modified BRM v1 wheels and driver faces.
*These skins are optimized for Michiel Pompert's BRM 3do, which can be obtainedfrom Jon Ferraez's JF carset website.
"RA300 steering"v3 for GPLEA Honda Honda steering got version3. More authentic and realistic...hopefully.Comes with my grey 4 bit gloves. 1
Glide optimized Lotus skins

for Micha's Lotus

These are same old skins I made sometime ago, but it seems that
I have set mip type wrongly so this is very late fix for that.(this will fix black line above the grill)Also I believe these skins are in much better quality now and I also putmissing no20 online carskin.
Alternate rejected Lotus wheel No1 I was tidying up my HD last weekend and found about 10 different sets ofrejected Lotus wheels(LOL:P) I made long ago.
And to my surprize, these aren't really too bad, so I decided to post these one by one(...when I feel lazy) after long period. Hope some of you brave person would try them out!:D
"Eaglepack for GPLEA Eagle" I've put together things I've done for GPLEA Eagle, and additionally did alternate mclaren car skins and steering. Also I made another 67 Eagle which is more dirty. Ai carskins, hands and arms, faces and shifter all included. If you don't fancy them just get rid of them and replace them with original GPLEA stuffs. Default is player driving mclaren. 1
"AI brabham skins" v1 AI cars for Brabham. 1
"player brabham skin" v1 Player no4 Brabham skin. Available in 2colors. 1
"Alt honda RA300 skins for GPLEA honda"v1 I made alternate Honda RA300 skins that doesn't have black trim outside red line. Alt Surtee face also included. 1
"Alt cockpit textures for GPLEA Ferrari 36v " Version4+" Basically same looking as v4 but I've changed here and there,
so I've repack the whole thing again. Also alternate fsterlog included.
"Alt cockpit textures for GPLEA Ferrari 36v " Version4

fix1 fix2


Here's updated cockpit textures for great GPLEA Ferrari 36v. 1
"new 4bit arms/hands for Ferrari"v2 I made alternate arms and hands this time. Hands are made from thicker and more glossy leather compared with original papyrus one and choice from 10 colors.(default "black") Arms have more random folds so that they look slightly relaxed impression hopefully. Avaiable in 2 colors .(Default "white") I named these files exceptionally for ferrari but if you rename properly these should work with any car in GPL.

Hopefully fixed. Many thanks to umrk-san:)

player67eagle The last player eagle skin I made was based on restored eagle picture.
I have now modified this eagle to look bit more like 67 eagle.
Green round wheel fix for "Another verion cockpit for GPLEA Ferrari 48v"v1 It's kind of round:) 1
Update for "36vcockpitv2" Here's updates for "36vcockpitv2", which has new leather silver wheel and less shiny sidemips and slightly modified dash. Please install this one over "36vcockpitv2". 1
"Another verion cockpit for GPLEA Ferrari 48v"v1 Another 48v cockpit for fellow ferrari lovers. I wanted to do this one.
Greenish interior with red sidemip and mirrors. Have fun.
"Ferrari dash updates"

yellow version

Updated dashes for my ferrari cockpit textures. 1 2
Dirty Amon helmet Dirty looking Amon helmet. 1
"Alt steering textures for GPLEA honda v2" Alt steering textures for GPLEA honda. Another version. 1
"Alt steering textures for GPLEA honda" Alt steering textures for GPLEA honda 1
Leather steering for GPLEA Ferrari new leather steering wheel for GPLEA Ferrar 1
"Yellow cockpit textures for GPLEA Ferrari 36v"v2 Updated yellow cockpit texture for GPLEA Ferrari. 1
"Alt cockpit textures for GPLEA Ferrari 36v " Version2 Here's updated cockpit textures for great GPLEA Ferrari 36v.
48v cockpit fix

Oops:PThere seem to be a windscreen bug in 48v cockpit update when you removed the wheel. Sorry.I've fixed this now and improved sidemip slightly.

Ferrari online carskins 36v+48v Here's online number carskin texture for both models . It's for you, Jason-san:)
Ferrari updates 36v+48v Here's alternative updated carskin texture for both models, and alt cockpit texture
for 48v. Have fun.
"Alternate eagle playerskin for GPLEA eagle" v1 My first attempt for this blue car.
"Alternate BRM wheels" V1 All of a sudden I started to feel like painting wheels(don't know why).
And I realize that I've never done any BRM stuffs before so decided to do
these ones:)Have fun!
"Alternate car textures for GPLEA Ferrari 36v v2.1" Version1 Here's alternate car textures(player car and AI) for this beatiful car.
Yellow cockpit textures for GPLEA Ferrari Here's alternate yellow cockpit textures for GPLEA Ferrari.
Alternate cockpit textures for GPLEA Ferrari V1 Here's alternate cockpit textures for this beatiful car. Has some options like 3 different steering wheels, 2 different color sidemips, 2 different colour shifters, etc.
Hope you find best combination that you like.
67/68 ferrari update I'm kind of fedup with 3do stuff I'm doing now, and at the end of the day
few Ferrari things got updated:D
68ferrari cokpit update Have you seen Berca's Latest Ferrari cockpit screeny for GPLEA Ferrari? I was really impressed by his work and thought maybe it's nice to have it on 68 Ferrari too.And here is the update. Lot's of improvement including more realistic steering,
shiftergate and sidemips. Just copy whole contents to 68 "cars67" folder
68 Honda skin pack v1 for Philippe's 68 carset This time I made set of mips for Honda.(This time only contain player and Ai car skin) I've also tried to texture some areas that are not, but this is LOOOOOOT harder than I thought and will definitely take much longer therefore I 'll upload this one first. Have fun.
68 Cooper skin pack v1 for Philippe's 68 carset This time I made car, wheels and cockpit mips for Cooper.(only contain player and Ai car skin)I think the color is not quite right but there's only few 68 cooper pictures I could find, I'll leave this one like this.(If you have any good picture please let me see)There's little glitch under the car you'll see hilighted bodywork which is wierd. I tried to eliminate this but I couldn't find which portion of the mip is responsible for this. Forgive me. This one too will be improved later I guess. Have fun.
68 Brabham skin pack v1 for Philippe's 68 carset This time I made car and wheel skins for Brabham.(only contain player and Ai car skin)I wish I could fit nice wings on this car but at the moment I can't do this:(
68 lotus skin pack v1 for Philippe's 68 carset
Files 1 / Files 2 
This time I made set of mips for Lotus, Matra and Mclaren.(only contain player and Ai car skin)These are made to fit with Scott Przybylski's great 1969 Lotus. I've just made some 1968 skins to go with it and edited car 3dos so that all skins will show up properly in the game.(Many thanks to Charls Mark for this tip)There's some minor glitch like the other part of bodywork shows behind driver head but if you're not picky (like me:)) I think it's ok. And I think these skins will be improved later(because I don't like them much)meanwhile have fun.
68 Ferrari skin pack v1 I've made set of mips for Philippe Charuest/Charles Mark's lovely winged 68 Ferrari for 1968 carset. I love this car personally(many thanks) and tried my best to paint it as nice as possible, but as a result......maybe I've overdone it. What do you think? Please try not to look too much at untextured area. I couldn't help it. Hopefully you'll get used to it:)
BTW, most of the graphics are in 16 bit format so you need to follow my instructions below to avoid CTD.(It's not too hard though)But everything is now 256*256 at max so you don't have to worry about gfx card compatibility issue.
Player BRG Lotus for Micha's Lotus version 2 Please make back up first and make sure you have Michael's latest Lotus 3do and RDave's 3Dwheels 3do and Zaf's updated trump 3do and steffen's 3d helmets. After that just unzip whole contents into your Lotus folder. If you are glide user, just copy whole contents of "glide" folder into Lotus folder again, overwriting files therein. Also check for alternate parts in "options" folder if you are interested.
Ferrari Sound v2 I bet no one remember my first one but this is the second version, basically the same sound made from lovely Matra sound at Jason Wood's site but loop is now better and sounds good at long straights. So it's not authentic Ferrari sound but if you have same taste as me you will like it. Anyway it's small so try it.
This site is best viewed at 1024*768. Big thanks to Alex and other people at m4driving for giving me their webspace to host this site. Very much appreciated.