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Friday September 10th
Belltime : 8:00pm
What a surprise was in store for Heavy weight Champ Johnny Thundar and the rest of the AWA roster on Friday night…… The night began with "The Untouchable" Neeno Capone itching to find out who his opponent would be for the night as Agent Peter Van Orton won the opportunity to book his match the week before. We all knew that Chris Idol was scheduled to defend his lightweight title against Mayhem at some point in the evening. Van Orton siezed the chance to put Mayhem out for the night by putting him up against the VEEP of the AWA and one time tag team champ Capone. The match was what we would've expected with these two individuals battling back and forth with high impact menuevers including a plancha to the outside by Capone and mayhems patented cross body in the corner. Capone managed to back flip over Mayhem reversing what appeared to be a back breaker and landed his own German Suplex into a bridge pin. Earning Capone the chance to get his hands on Christopher Idol on Sept 24th . The fans received a preview of this match as Idol came into the ring to capitalize on Mayhem before their match and after several right hands from Capone he went tumbbling back out with a clothesline over the top rope. This feud is starting to get interesting as it involves a champion feuding with AWA management. In tag Action Maxx Metal teamed up with rookie LockDown to face the recently formed tag team of Mass Destruction who by far are the biggest tag team that this fed has ever encountered! This match wasn't even close as Manslaughter and Ron Price simply beat up on Metal and Lock Down For about 10 minutes straight before the forces of the N.B.C. got involved. Apparently the man behind this mystery wasn't happy with seeing the smaller guys take a pounding because as the lights went out and the NBC chimes rang out the attack was on the powerhouses. When the lights came up the only one standing was Metal who had the all to familiar confused look on his face. He commenced to roll his partner up on Ron Price for the 1-2-3. The next encounter saw another big man in Devious take on the debuting Spyral in what was a mismatch power against speed. Spyral tried time and time again to take control of this match using his agility and highflying antics but fell short on several attempts as Devious continuosly cut him off. At one point it appeared that Spyral had the big man beat but in the AWA looks can be deceiving. Devious picked up the win on spyral. However in the future it will be interesting to see the lightweight phenom take on competition in his division. I'm quite sure the outcome will be different. Bobby Vee was at it again along with Sheik trying to capture some kind of strap in the AWA as he attempted to dethrone Joe Hardway of his North American Title.Hardway appears to be unstoppable as he just continues to beat hios competition in the Awa and has picked a huge amount of support from the AWA faithful lately. With chants of JOE! JOE! JOE! Echoing in the AWA arena Hardway picked up another victory over a formiddable opponent and there was nothing that the Sheik or anyone else for that matter could do about it!They found that out the "HardWay"!!! To close out the first half the AWA faithful got another dose of lightweight action with the self proclaimed legend in the making Desirable Dan Dynasty taking on Envy. Envy picked up another victory on his quest to make a name for himself as a singles competitor here in the AWA catapulting him up a few notches in the division. Dynasty just doesn't seem to be consistant enough to earn himself a title shot as he can't put together a string of wins. Something seems to be missing these days from Dynasty as he hasn't been himself in recent weeks, causing the fans to ask the question " What is going on in the mind of the man in the mirror?" Mayhem was able to open the second half of the show with a win over the lightweight champion Christopher Idol but unfortunately for him it was via a countout as the wrath of the NBC struck again.Just as it seemed we would be crowning a new champion, Idol grabbed his belt along with Peter Van Orton and was abandoning his match making his way back to the lockerroom when the lights blew and the now famous chimes rang. When the lights went on again it was Christopher Idol unconsious on the entrance ramp while his agent was belly down over the speaker system. A confused Slingblade had no choice but to begin a ten count and finally declared Mayhem the winner . The rules state that the title can only be exchanged with a pinfall or a submission so Ido; gets to hold his title for another two weeks at minimum when he squares off against the fan favorite Neeno Capone. This may have worked in Capones favor as it still is unclear if he can compete for any titles in the
AWA because of the management position that he holds. It might be time to wheel and deal if PVO is up to it?! As Idol and Orton lay sprawled out on the entrance ramp Showtime Shawn Sheridan was announced for the next bout. His opponent was to be Ricky Landell who was making his AWA debut. Sheridan humorously placed PVO on top of Idol getting a thunderous reaction from the crowd. The reaction wasn't enough for Sheridan to pick up the win as Ricky Landell gave him a lesson in basic wrestling holds and counterholds. Earning himself a debut victory and impressing the AWA front office. Sheridan on the other hand is winless in the AWA and hasn't been able to figure out a way to win sisnce he's gotten here. It will be interesting to see what both of these two futures hold here in the AWA. It was time for tagteam title action as the champions, All Money Is Legal took on the Elm Street Kidz in what was hyped as the possible match of the night. These two teams were all over the arena and it almost seemed personal for all four of these guys. The referee lost control of this one early on as Phsyco, Rayxa, K-Murda and K-Pusha mixed it up in the ring. A.M.I.L. was able to pull out the victory but this was clearly not the end of these two teams confrontations. Speaking of personal……. For some apparent reason Rob Vegas took it upon himself to try to dismantle the manager of A.M.I.L. Dizzie as he snuck up from behind and began pounding on his head and back as A.M.I.L. was distracted by the E.S.K.. The referee made an impromptu match and the bell tolled kicking off Dizzie in his AWA Wrestling debut against the man from every girls bedroom. It appears that Dizzie is more than a mascot as he defended himself well against the experienced Vegas. As a matter of fact at one point it seemed he would pick up the upset. He just couldn't finish Vegas off as Vegas was able to finish the match strong and add a quick victory to his win loss record as he continues to try to recapture gold in the federation. In the Main Event Johnny Thundar defended the Heavyweight Title against none other than Danny Demanto. In an ackward finish the Extreme Referee Angel was unconscious as Demanto Leveled the Champ with the 10 pounds of gold. Thundar was out cold as Demanto woke up the Ref and covered the champ for the 1-2-3. We had a new champ….. or at least we thought. Mike Morgan appears and tells Demanto that the AWA doesn't crown champion that way and he must continue the match. Morgan called out Slingblade carl to finish reffing. Thundar was able to pick up the victory hitting the Kryptonite on Demanto, Making Demanto the shortest reigning champion in the history of the AWA at an official time of 1 min and 43 seconds….. N.B.C…… Lights out and now there is a voice to go with the ch imes. Suddenly we all here an interview done by Johnny Thundar with Matt Lauer at, where else but, N.B.C.. Thundar is speaking about the safety of the sport when a deep dark voice comes over the Audio system . Strobe lights flicker ona figure at the entranceway of the arena as the voice says that he will control the minds of the fans, the workers, and the people in charge of the AWA. He says that he is the AWA's worst nightmare and that when this is all over we will all wish it never happened. He refered to himself as "we" and then "I" making it unclear if the force behing the strange occurances is one person or more. The lights finally come on and Thundar and Morgan have had enough. They challenge the N.B.C. to show it's face. Instead of showing it's face it showed it's force as the lights went out again and when they returned it was Morgan who was out cold in the middle of the ring with a surprised Thundar looking for the culprit with a half angry half terrified look on his face.The AWA may be helpless……. WHO IS THE N.B.C.??????WHY IS IT HERE??????WHAT DOES IT WANT??????

        THE HYPE IS REAL!!!!



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(CEO/President) Mike Morgan
(Senior Vice President) Enrique Lopez
(VP/Public Relations) Damian Rivera

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