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Homes and Offices:

"The superiority of your technology over that of filters requires personal experience to really appreciate. My father's new purifier has done more for the quality of his air in one month than a hepa-filter accomplished in two years." - Eric Rentz, N. Miami Beach, FL

"Thanks for introducing me to a couple of great products. Your electrostatic furnace filter is the most effective filter I've found in 35 years! Also, my son is sleeping much better now thanks to our new air purifier." - James E. Casey; Chapel Hill, NC., www.caseyinsuranceservices.com

"My son's nose was running like a faucet. Within a day of using your air purifier, the sneezing and blowing began to subside. Since then, he's taken it to college and on a cruise. No one in our family will ever again live without this technology." - J. Klug, San Diego judiklug@earthlink.net

"We've had your best-selling model for several months now. Our dust level has decreased dramatically and the air in our house smells fresher." - Susan E., Temple City, CA

Smoke & Odor Problems:

"I am amazed that your commercial units have no problem handling the cigarette smoke during peak hours. Even with 400 people here, our members enjoy the clean, freshness in the air." - American Legion, Jamestown, NY

"We had spent over $6,000 in new duct work and smoke eaters but still had a smoke problem. In just a few days, two of your commercial models solved the problem." - Bill's Music Shop & Pickin' Parlor, W. Columbia, SC

"Since we have had your machine, we have been able to control offensive odors that before we could only mask." - Hospice By The Sea, Boca Raton, FL

"The smell and atmosphere of our locker room has improved greatly. We have been especially pleased with the fact that these units produce fresh, clean air without creating their own strong odor." - UNC Tar Heels Football Equipment Mgr.

"The purifiers have not only eliminated the odors but have cleaned up the air so well that even our complexions are better." - Charles Scott Salons

Pets & Vets:

"I've been practicing veterinary medicine for 26 years. Never before have I seen a product that can remove the smell of an animal clinic. Your air purifiers have provided my staff and I with clean oxygenated, ionized air. My employees feel better, too." - Larry Corry, Centerville Animal Hospital

"A miracle in a box...12 birds, 13 cats, several dogs but no odors! All aviaries, kennels, and catteries need your product! - Maria Hurd

"The dogs we board and bathe seem more relaxed and we are convinced it's due to the cleaner air they're breathing in our kennel. This product has truly changed our business." - Hilltop Pet Resort

"Friends constantly comment about the fresh, revitalized air in our home. Much less pet hair and dander and no more wet dog odors, either. - Barney Surles, South summit Properties, Old Hickory, TN

"After our dog was sprayed by a skunk, I ran the purifier overnight in our house. Even though the house reeked of skunk, the odor was gone the next morning." - John Layne, Wilton, CT

Realtors & Motels:

"Not only has our air purification system settled the dust from the air in our home, we use it whenever we have a listing with an offensive odor. It works wonders on mold, mildew and pet odors. In 30 years as a realtor and an appraiser, I've never come across anything more effective than this. It benefits both the seller and the buyer... what more could a realtor ask for?
- Lee Schearer, American Real Estate & Appraisal Company, www.AmericanRealEstateAndAppraisal.com

"We manage 800 single family units in the Baltimore / Washington area. Sometimes we're faced with a bad odor and the only solution has been using your air cleaners...painting and shampooing carpets didn't even work."
- Century 21, Laurel, MD

"A very strong cat urine odor was present in a house and all attempts to cure the problem had failed. In just 4 days of placing the purifier in the trouble areas, the problem was solved. After two weeks, the odor had not returned."
- Robert McIntyre, Prudential, Real Estate, Camp Hill, PA

"We clean each room for 15 - 30 minutes with our air purifier. It has saved us time and money and our guests no longer complain about odors in their rooms. - Super 8 Motels

The Automobile Industry:

"We are one of the premier Mercedes-Benz dealers in the country. Until we acquired one of your purification systems, we had never been able to deal with the smoke and other odors in our loaner cars. Thanks to your product, they've since been eliminated. - Ray Cantena Motor Car Corp, Edison,NJ

"I have had an air purifier in my motorhome for the past year and it still smells factory-fresh inside. And I smoke cigars! - Patrick O'Malley

"The purifiers are easy to use. Minimal maintenance is a plus, too. They work beautifully for taking the smoke smells out of our trade-ins and used cars.
- Ken Vance Motors


"Since using your air purifiers, our attendance has increased. In the past three years, the percentage of students missing 10 or more days has decreased from 32% to 16%. Thank you for a wonderful product!"
- Amy Niebrugge, Principal, Effingham Community Schools

"I had an independent environmental company do before and after tests. They reported significantly reduced mold and mildew levels, and our musty smell has been replaced with the smell of fresh air." - Associate Superintendent for Pasadena Schools

"We are a program for special needs students. For years, the odor in our building has been most unpleasant. Since we purchased your systems in the Fall of 1998, the quality of the air here has improved greatly. - Mark Francis, Principal, Kingsley Montgomery School

Water Purification:

"I have been using your water systems for both drinking and showering for about a year now. When I moved into a new house in Cary, I had trouble with the water. It caused me to break out in hives. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which means I experience reactions to small amounts of chemicals. After putting your filters on my faucet and in the shower, my hives cleared up. My plants have also doubled in size since using purified water. - Christine Tyrlik

"Even though I own a large whole-house system with 17 layers of filtration material, I still bought one of your water purification systems for my kitchen faucet. It has improved the taste of my tea and coffee, not to mention it stops the particles that sneak through the whole-house unit. - Ray Maliowski

"Having lived on a working farm my whole life, I've always suspected what might be seeping into our old well. When you told me that I could be subjected to the run-off from our cattle as well as MTBE, I took your advice and tried your water purifier. What a difference! Not only does the water smell and taste better, it actually looks cleaner!" - D. Miller, Hillsborough, NC

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