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Trust Fund Information

There have been many information requests for the trust fund for Graeme and Erik, Bill and Dana's sons. The family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of kind words by fellow amateurs. If you would like to contribute to the W4AN Memorial Fund for Bill and Dana's children, the trust fund account information is:

Account number 20005913

W4AN Memorial Account for Graeme and Erik Fisher

North Atlanta National Bank

10500 Old Alabama Road Connector

Alpharetta, GA 30022 

Bank Phone (678-277-8400)

If you wish to make a contribution, any amount will help. Make checks payable to:

W4AN Memorial Account. 

You can include the account number "20005913" or "Graeme and Erik Fisher" in the "for" line.


I will post more information after the Dayton Hamvention rush is over and I recover. Briefly, the basic plan is that Graeme and Erik will be able to draw from this fund for worthwhile activities like school, a first home, or some valid emergency. Having a headache, buying new mag wheels or a dirt bike would not be a good reason. College tuition, books, or housing would be. It will be a 50/50 split unless one doesn't require funds. If neither requires funds, then it will go to some other similar circumstance involving an amateurs young children.

The fund is administered by several well-known members of the amateur community. All of this will be released in final form with more detail a short while after Dayton. Sorry, but anyone who works in the industry knows what a huge time-sink Dayton is!




Graeme and Bill Fisher