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It is possible modifying POGSAG-Pagers like "Quix, TelMi, Skyper, Scall, etc" for HAM-Radio use. This is quite interesting because due to increasing usage of cellular-phones having thecapability of transfering short-messages (SMSystem) the importance of pagers decreased. Due to this fact, pagers like mentioned above are *very* cheap available on the market - sometimes less than
25.- Euro !
The german pagers operating frequency band is next to the 70cm-HAM-band so modifying the pagers operating band and using it for an own HAM-Paging-System is a nice project !

The modifications which have to be done are:

  1. exchanging the XTAL to the HAM-Paging-QRG 439.9875 MHz
  2. ReAdjusting the antenna and filters for maximum sensitivity
That's all ! An easy job, isn't it ?

Modifying Pagers might sometimes be difficult because there are different types available on the market. Some use SAW-Frontend-Filters (NEC) which are not designed for 439.9875 MHz, others are password-protected against reprogramming (but there are some Webpages with published passwords) and some use another digital protocol called FLEX (which is a development of
Motorola and not allowed for HAM-usage) The digital protocol we are allowed to use is called POCSAG.
Concerning SAWs and modification you will find plenty of information on this page and on the sublinks... :-)

What can you do with a pager modified for HAM-Radio ?


General Informations:


Informations about the Pagerproject of P06-Ludwigsburg HAM-Club:

Modifying Pagers for HAM-Radio usage:
  How to Setup the RPC-Card (Radio-POCSAG-Controller)

The RPC-Card is a µController-Card based on 80C552 which can be connected together with a digipeater (i.e. RMNC).
It can be controlled by a master and supports Time Division Multiplex in a complete Pagernetwork.
Here is a complete instruction setup how to install and configure the RPC-Card !
More information and description can be found on the Adacom-Homepage.
Developer of the RPC-Card is Klaus Hennemann (DL3KHB).

Software Download:
Programs for De-/Encoding POCSAG-Transmissions (i.e. testing modified pagers):


Informations on this page are from several HAM's who are involved in the paging-project, from magazines, from internet and from me]

[1] Script of the 15th. international Packet-Radio-Symposium, 17.04.-18.04.99, Darmstadt, Germany
[2] Script of the 14th. international Packet-Radio-Symposium, 25.04.-26.04.98, Darmstadt, Germany
[3] Adacom Magazin 10/1997
[4] Adacom Magazin 12/1998
[5] Bulletins of PR-BBS'es, Board "Funkruf"
[6] Documentation of Chaos Computer Club, POCSAG-Protokoll

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