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Acting on Instinct

Devestated by Spike's death, Buffy goes on a mission to rescue his sire, Drusilla, from a gladiator ring.  When the slayer goes missing Giles calls Angel  to find her.  Spike, still a ghost at W&H, insists on helping to rescue his girls.  NC17, B/D/S/A, f/f, f/f/m/m

Alone in Death

Angel turns Buffy when she forces him to drink from her.  He still leaves.  Buffy finds herself alone in death.  Luckily, Spike is willing to keep her company.  NC17, B/S, m/f






Angel said normal.  Buffy gives it a try  and fails horribly.  Spike comes along and helps her to discover exactly what normal means for a supernatural creature like herself.  NC17, B/S, m/f

Taking the Initiative

At the beginning of season 3 Buffy is captured by the Initiative along with Spike and Drusilla.  They form a unique bond.  How will the Scoobies and an Angel returned from hell react?  NC17, main pairing S/B/D, f/f/m, m/m implied





The Two Janes

After Buffy fails to admit to Spike that she loves him he leaves.  Unbeknownst to him she's pregnant.  Bearing the child of a vampire nearly kills her.  Drusilla is all about family, however, and she steps in to put things right.  This is my first fiction.  It is very dark and very sad.  I'm a happy ending kind of a girl though, so hang in there!  B/S, B/D, B/S/D, f/m, f/f, f/m/f

A Rose by Any Other Name

Buffy jumps off of the platform but instead of going to heaven she ends up in the body of a newborn girl in Oklahoma.  She tries to go home over the next sixteen years but something won't let her.  Drusilla comes to lend a fang so that Buffy can save Spike.  NC17 for sex, violence, and bloodplay.  M/F Spike/Buffy pairing.





Peace and Love

Seven years after the end of the series, Buffy is living in the seaside town of Anastasport.  She hasn't seen Spike since Lover's Walk.  What would life have been like for her without him?  What would like have been like for him without her?  What will life be like now with each other?  Filled with peace and love.  Oh yeah, and some hot lovin'.  

NC17 for sex.  M/F Spike/Buffy paring.


More Than Candy

Remember the Halloween costume that turns Buffy into an old-fashioned girl?  Well what if it had been a wedding dress, and what if there had been a grooms suit?  Spike/Buffy pairing.  NC17, M/F, bloodplay.





A Not So Gorgeous Mistake

Angel is the one to stop the first, and his reward is his humanity.  Willow performs a spell unbeknownst to Buffy and Angel, erasing their memories and sending them to the happy normal world of suburbia.  She meant it as a reward, but for Buffy it's a nightmare.  Every time she looks into the brown eyes of her husband she yearns for blue.  

NC17 for sex & violence.  M/F Spike/Buffy paring.


Tuesday's Child

Buffy Summers lost everything to the   vampire Lothos.  Two men came in and picked up the broken girl decalring themselves her guardians.  Now it is her senior year at Sunnydale High and more than one person wants to know where she's been the last two years.  NC17, M/F/M,  M/M, M/F,  bloodplay, & violence.  A/B/S pairing.





Bad Girlfriend Buffy

Right after the whole 'let's cuddle faith' incedent, Buffy is forced to go help Angel in L.A.  Riley doesn't want her going there alone and so she promises him she'll take a friend.  But all of her friends are busy?  What's a girl to do?  Take the Big Bad of course!  NC17,  M/F,  bloodplay, & violence.  Buffy/Spike pairing.

Perchance to Dream

A season one bitey fic with a taste for mortality.  Buffy/Spike MF NC17 sex, bloodplay, & violence.



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