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Italian Papers

I am happy to offer you some wonderful imported Italian papers that I personally think are full of inspiration! They are made by three different companies: Bertini, Rossi, and Tassotti. All three use sulphite base stock for their traditional Florentine designs. In certain designs, powdered gold is even added during the final stage of manufacture, giving the papers an almost unbelievably rich glow. Archives of ancient papers have been purchased by these companies to preserve these centuries-old designs for artists to use. Many of the reproduced patterns date back to the Renaissance. These designs are wonderful in collage, perfect in cards and in bookbinding (acid-free), & great for any paper art project. I hope you'll enjoy these lovely papers and be inspired in new creative ways.

Each sheet is approximately 19 x 27".
Shipped rolled in a protective mailing tube.
- Sale: $4.50 per sheet.

These images are a little slow to load ... but worth the wait!


Tassotti Architecture

The entire sheet is covered with a variety of architectural drawings
of famous buildings, cathedrals & monuments printed on a natural-colored paper.
Great for a background or to cut out & use individual pieces.

$4.50 each

Rossi Music

The large sheet shows 8 different pages of old music,
all printed in sepia ink on aged-looking natural colored paper.
Really lovely!

$4.50 each

Rossi Ledger

This is a captivating design ... a very old ledger written in a scrawling artistic hand, printed in sepia ink on natural colored paper.
Great background for all kinds of projects!

$4.50 each

Bertini 901

Classic Italian design with brown, green, soft red,& shimmering gold.
Rich & beautiful as end papers, on cards and in collage.

$4.50 each

Bertini 920

Stylized swirling design in oranges, yellow, shimmering gold with green and blue.
Breathtaking as end papers in a book or as a background paper.

$4.50 each

Rossi CRT 001

Classic Italian swirling floral design
in blue, purple, yellow & red with shimmering gold.
Beautiful as end papers or background
... Wonderful for cards.

$4.50 each

Rossi TSC 010

Chant with uncial text on natural colored, aged-looking paper.
You can almost hear the monks chanting!

$4.50 each

Rossi CRT 023

Blue, green & purple classic design printed over music score in gold.
Perfect for cards, collage, end papers in a book.
Great background for all kinds of projects!

$4.50 each

Tassotti 560

Lovely Italian handwriting in sepia ink on natural colored paper.
Great background! An inspiration in itself. I love using this paper!

$4.50 each

Tassotti 1724

Reproduction from an illustrated manuscript. Uncial text
in very dark ink with colored highlights and design elements
on natural colored paper. Beautiful as a background.

$4.50 each

Italian Paper Assortment

Ten sheets of the Italian Art Papers! One sheet of each design.
Each sheet is 8x10" except for the Rossi Music sheet, which is is slightly smaller
due to the way the design in laid out on the page.
Shipped in a flat package.

$8.95 for set of 10 sheets


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