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Proverbs by Publilius Syrus

1. Ubi libertas cecidit, nemo libere loqui audet.
When freedom falls, no one dares to speak.

2. Bona opinio hominum tutior pecunia est.
The good opinion of men is safer than the money of men.

3. Multos timere debet quem multi timent.
He whom many fear, ouhgt to fear many.

4. Stultum est queri de adversis ubi culpa est tua.
It is foolish to complain about misfortunes when the fault is yours.

5. Aut amat aut odit mulier; nil est tertium.
A woman either loves or hates; there is no third.

6. Feras, non culpas, quod mutari non potest.
Bear, do not blame, that which is not able to be changed.

7. Deliberando saepe perit occasio.
By deliberating often the chance is gone.

8. Audendo virtus crescit, tardando timor.
Courage grows by daring, fear by delaying.

9. Diu parandum est bellum, ut vincas celerius.
Prepare for the war for a long time, so that you might win more easily.

10. Sine dolore est vulnus quod ferendum est cum victoria.
A wound beared in victory is a wound without pain.

11. Stulti timent Fortunam, sapientes ferunt.
The foolish fear Fortune, the wise bear it.

12. Homo semper aliud, Fortuna aliud cogitat.
Man plans one decision, Fortune plans another.

13. Mulier, cum sola cogitat, male cogitat.
A woman, when she thinks alone, thinks badly.

14. Ibi semper est victoria ubi concordia est.
There is always victory when there is agreement.

15. Inopi beneficium bis dat qui dat celeriter.
He who gives quickly, gives kindness twice to the needy.

16. Judet damnatur cum nocens absolvitur.
A rogue acquitted is a judge condemned.

A Latin Pun

"Semper ubi,
Sub ubi."

OR = "Always wear underwear."

I heard this on the TV show Frasier.

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