December 04, 2004
she's looking for a downtown man

sorry about the lack of posts. just so you know, this one isn't great either.

  • i'm finally getting my feet wet around campus. the name and faces of various people are beginning to stick together.
  • i made a series of calls to people i haven't talked to in a while. one has their life planned, and another is well on his way. one is going to be a doctor, another who is okay with me not becomming one. one who lives in a house, and another who just bought one. one is the best thing that ever happened to me, another is the best thing that unfortunately never did. i can't help but feel i'm being left behind. maybe i should have devoted my life to getting stung by jellyfish, petting scorpions, or eating bees.
  • right now, there's not much going on besides the fact that i did terrible on a chemistry test(68%) and was satisfied with the mark.
  • i'm mainly looking forward to my trip to japan. and by japan, i don't mean the kitchen. i'll try not to hit the pocky too hard. i've got a little bit of diabetes. this is most certainly going to be a pleasant christmas away from home because, well, i've got one of those aunts. i'm going to try to avoid those awkward holiday moments.
  • i figure i'll go husband hunting while i'm there. i mean, who else could possibly beat me at tontie besides a japanese man?

    ah, who am i kidding? this post is awesome. no, no - stuponfucious.

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  • November 24, 2004
    ask her to dance

    it's been about 5 months since i cut my hair. i think my hair has finally grown to a length where i can tie it up without the ponytail looking sprout-ish and where i'm comfortable to wear a baseball cap with it. unfortunately it's finally started to snow and is getting awfully cold.

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    i don't need to hear you say that if we weren't so alike you'd like me a whole lot more

    i wish i knew what this was.

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    November 23, 2004
    an HIV VIP

    alright so i think i covered everything:
    -instead of matching my desktop, it now matches my favourite winamp skin
    -banner is not going to change
    -after much much tweaking layout should work for the 1024x768 and 1280x800 resolutions...unless your have your favourites bar open. as we all guessed, it doesn't work on alex's 800x600 and no one cares.
    -AND the banner issue with the comments seemed t resolve themselves. because of this, i'm probably no going to touch this layout for a long time.
    -will, if you want to see the pink send me some kind of colour code to replace it with.

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    right now everything you want is wrong a catepiller baby? i'm not sleeping tonight. (there's more if you're into that, you sick fuck.)

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    November 22, 2004
    sometimes the devil's there, but we just can't go with him

    renovations...part 2!!
    - banner font colour suggestions? anyone? schram? i'm looking at you in your direction.
    - unless someone has suggestions on different colours i'm probably going to leave the rest of them the way they are
    - as wes pointed out if i try to set margins it may look different on different resolutions. this is what it looked like on my computer, so put in your two cents (unless you're will or alex, because then your two cents are worthless). if i figure out how to make the side menu those weird margins for everyone i'll remember to adjust the position of the links and balance the purple between the pink.
    - i do not know how to make the banner in the comment box not gay like max.

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    i'm the first mammal to wear pants

    -a whole chunk of my stylesheet just disappeared.

    - if i found a bottle with a genie in it right now, my only wish would be that everyone would have my resolution and see how fucking awesome it looks. i'm going to bed.

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    November 12, 2004
    are you sure this is where you want to be?

    seizures for everyone!
    ronald mcdonald?...but ronald is a boy's name.

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    November 09, 2004
    i'm your weatherman

    as PA said, I LOVE LOST!

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    November 08, 2004
    we'll order in chinese

    pelpet ver.0: the latest game installment over at eyemaze. there is a pikopiko hammer, but it isn't anything like tontie. please make sure i don't touch this until after my calc test.

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    November 07, 2004
    the only man that could ever help me

    i'm starting to understand that if you don't make promises no one gets let down, but that doesn't mean no one gets hurt.

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    November 05, 2004
    maybe i'm a lonely girl in the middle of something that she doesn't really understand

    ...what fuck?

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    November 04, 2004
    i've seen this room and i've walked this floor

    alexander? william? maxwell? andrew? jason? why is my name so uncool? but that didn't keep it from being the most popular!

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    why would you stay another second?

    the best sandwich EVAR.

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    November 03, 2004
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