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  1) Building up Golem 1.0
  2) Download GOLEM (58KB): release 0.1, rev.14p (my WB engine)
  3) Download Book.txt (7KB): to randomize the first golem01 move. 
  4) Computer Chess in Italy: the Italian CC Group (the "g6") 
  5) Italian Chess Tools
  6) The First "historic" Italian Tournament
  7) News from Italy  (last update 12/20/2001)
  8) Download TimeTrain  (A simple program to train with EPD positions)
  9) First Italian CC Champ.   Dowload Games  Results

Building up Golem 1.0

As you may note the version of Golem released is 0.1.
That's because I hope to do something better for the first golem release. 
I may add that a friend of mine compiled golem for linux/unix.. 

If you want to try the last (I hope stronger) golem or you want
the Unix version just email to  gmasciulli@libero.it 

fixes from vers 0.1 to 0.3:
--- it recognize the 3rep draw  material now!
--- removed a bug that caused him stale on win positions
--- removed a bug that caused him blunder heavy in case of pinned 
pieces (or similar)

from 0.3 to 0.4:
--- a simple eval function
--- now golem want swap pieces when he is winning
--- resign function
--- recognise insuff. material and 50 move draw.

The last working Golem is the rel. 0.4  rev.41x.

I plan to have for the 1.0:
-- some documentation.
-- maybe an hash table and a final tablebase.
-- a clear help.
-- Pondering.
-- support for the protocol2 WB
-- hint and MoveNow functions
-- some other thing like this I dont remind now :-)
Now golem has none of these.



1) Raffaela (Windows version of Drago) 
by Stefano Gemma (about 1900 on ICC, nickname "gemma") 
free... for now (only the executable, sources not available) 
About 1630 on ICC 
It is the first Italian Program on Internet (AFAIK). 
Stefano has programmed Raffaela in assembly
and its n/s is impressive! 
2) LarsenVb
first release: october 1999 
by Luca Dormio 
free (both executable and sources) 
About 1800 on FICS 
Programmed in VISUAL BASIC (!!!) Inspired at the C-program FAILE. 
3) Leila 
first beta: November 1999
by Carmelo Calzerano 
(Carmelo named his first program Pcchess 
     .. then switched to the name Leila)
first release: December  2001
If you want to contact Carmelo his address is: carmelo@stetel.com
programmed in C++ 
Leila Is rated about 2250-2300 blitz (On Fics November 2000)
4) Golem 
first beta: january 2000
by me ;-)
You can down load the 0.1 version on this page 
I'ts quite weak but I hope will Improve ;-)
Programmed in C
Golem is Rated about 1500 blitz and 1750 standard (On FICS nov.2000)
5) Fortress (Windows, Linux) 
joined the group: February 2000
by Alessandro Damiani 
Freeware (only executables are available) 
Blitz: about 2200 on todays hardware
Programmed in C. More information in the readme file. 
6) E.S.C. 
may 2000
by Claudio Della Corte
Rating: 2000 blitz on FICS (november 2000)
Programmed in C++
Esc Page

7) LordKing 2000 v.1.0 (Windows95,Windows98,WindowsMe)
by Carlo Pivotto
32 bit engine
More information :
Programmed in C++.
8) Pentagon
by Andrea "ChessPlus" Gatti
Programmed in Visual Basic, taking LarsenVB as starting point.
Pentagon is based on a set of 5 different "brains" (algorithms)
Current rating is about 1750 Blitz and 1900 Lighning
Pentagon's Web Site at http://ChessPlus.cjb.net 

9) Rinko (Windows and Linux)
by Marco Grella
Still unreleased, it will be freeware when all the basic    
features will be finished. The source code will probably be 
available for free after the release of each version.
Uses a bitboard based architecture.
Written in C.

10) Aldebaran
by Mauro Scarpa
Developped in C - freeware
rating: Not tested on FICS yet. 
It's a prototype. Project's target are:
1) Make a program quite strong (but not too much ;)
2) Testing some kind of autotuning in the eval, by automatic learning.
Aldebaran's Web Site at http://members.xoom.it/xaldebaran 

11) Cyberpagno
by Marco Pagnoncelli
(but you can find it on Fics with the handle "Cyberpagno")

12) Tamerlane
by Luigi Ripamonti
I have the version 0.01 that need an Winboard interface 2,
and times move/time (without increment and not X time for the whole game)
I tried 40moves/5minutes on WB rel 4.2.3 and everithing went nicely.
You can download Tamerlane by Luigi Ripamonti on the Esc Page.
Esc Page

13) Maronti (Windows and Linux)
by Luca Damiani
Chess engine written in C.
Still unreleased to the public.
It is in alfa version, at the moment (version 0.0.1).
Works in progress...
[updated may, 11 2001]

14) Mjoelner 
March 2001
by Toma Roncevic
the engine is on FICS too.

15) Soldat
by Marco Giusfredi
May 2001
Marco is developping this engine very fast.
I have an old version but already playable

16) Delfi
by Fabio Cavicchio
Delfi Page
freeware, Developed in Pascal, o.s. Win32
first release: August 2001
Current version: 1.50 
Fics elo about 2000

17) Gargamella
by Nicola Rizzuti
Gargamella Chess
About the program his author wrote :
"... many  feature are implemented but  not activated for stability problems.
I think that  its better release it than make it get rusty on my  pc  and I hope that this first release
will give me more speed in developing it.
Currently Gargamella  a  little opening book ,  just to vary  his play  and to avoid moves such as "1)a4..."
molte "feature" sono state implementate, ma sono
It is not needed to say that Gargamella is the Italian for Gargamel (the enemy of the Smufs)
first release: December 2001
Current version: 0.0.1

Another italian in computer chess is Sandro Necchi.
He is not a programmer but a Computer Opening Expert 
who write the Opening book for the MChess program and Shredder. 
I know too about 5/6 italian programmers who started 
writing a chess engine, but the above programs are the
only ones completed enough to play a game. 


1) DDInterfaceEngine by DD
This free OCX, realized with the help of the G6, 
allow you to connect your interface with the engines like Crafty.
It's easy to use and allow you to intercept the output 
of the engine and send input to the same.
Programmed with Visual Basic 6.0
E-mail address: danyc74@iol.it

this is the Alessandro's description of PROTEUS CHESS:
....Proteus chess (as his name says :-) ) is my first chess interface 
program. I'm writing it in Visual Basic 6.0, but I hope to use C++
for the engine, too. The idea is to make a multi-engines system with
a supervisor that chooses, beetween the best variants of each engine,
the move that it considers the most promising one. Actually the 33.5 
alpha version is compatible with Luca Dormio's LarsenvB 003 engine. 
The interface code is written by me, Max Martini and Valeria Galvano.
Proteus Chess Home Page:  http://web.tiscalinet.it/chessprograms
e-mail: a.morales@tiscalinet.it

3) G.A.F.S.
The program gafs (Guido Antonelli Finali di Scacchi) 
runs all the main functions concerning chess endings: 
--Tablebases generation for 3, 4 and 5 men (kppkp excluded) 
--Tablebases checking 
--Single position analysis with or without en passant capture 
--Selection of positions by single result (white or black moves) 
--Selection of positions by combined results (white and black move) 
--Memory needs evaluation for tablebases generation (until 7 men) 
--Chess endings manual simulation 
Home Page:  http://users.iol.it/rigel_g/

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