Gods 2 Interview

There are several Blood 2 projects in the works, but one of the most anticipated is Gods 2. Longtime Bloodites will remember the original Gods, which aside from being insanely difficult, was one of the best addons created for Blood 1. Baytor caught up with Reactor and Headhunter to fill us in on what we can expect from Gods 2.

Q: Briefly introduce you and your partner to the PlanetBlood readers

A: Hi, we're a couple of brothers named Headhunter and Reactor. We live in Australia and have a very slow internet connection ;) (tis why we like single player sooo much)

Q: Can you explain the premise behind the Gods 2 addon, and how this relates to the original Gods addon for B1?

A: Well, we started out just wanting to do some more of Gods 1 (levels etc) though we soon changed our mind to make something a lot better. Gods 1 was as simple as you get- an add-on, that's it. With Gods 2 we hope to make something people would want to own Blood 2 for. Original level design, the best puzzles we can imagine and a quality of story telling only seen in your favorite movies. In other words, Gods 2 will be an example that Blood 2 is a great game and can easily sit on par with games like Half-Life (and its great single player experience)

Q: The original Gods was almost insanely hard. Seeing how I was one of the few who could beat it and on Extra Crispy no less....

A: Really? I only heard of one guy who beat it… tell me, does Caleb get back to his original time or not? I mean, you know that, right? I just can't seem to remember myself...

Q: Um... err... It's been so long since I played it... anyway,  can we expect the same sort of challenge from the sequel?

A: Hehe, oh yes. We thought about this for a long time, asked a few guys what bits they found irritating in the first and now know exactly how we're going to make it a challenge to beat. Of course, we'll be disabling the cheats this time around; Gods 2 will be the 'official' rock hard Bloodite challenge after all :) We won't stop until Gods 2's learning curve ranges from basically easy to an insanely hard mother-of-all battles right at the end.

Q: I heard that Monolith has been very helpful in aiding you in your development of Gods 2. What exactly have they done to make this addon a reality?

A: Funny, I heard that too :) Yeah, Monolith have been great. I wrote to Shade asking him if we could get some original Caleb lines. In reality, I was thinking it as being an impossible task, but after some waiting Shade and co worked out they could record us a few while doing the Nightmares add-on. Big thanks must go to Monolith who gave us something that'll really add to our story. In Gods 1, we had to cut up what already existed, but now, we won't have to do this much at all! Yay!

I think the comment after receiving the lines was something like- "Damn, now we're gonna have to make this add-on good..." =)

Q: While most addon projects have sites that feature occasional new updates and screenshots, you've managed to create one of the most entertaining web sites I've ever encountered. Who came up with the idea, and is this the sort of creativity we can look forward to in Gods 2?

A: We both pulled the idea from an old Amiga game called 'It came from the Desert', where players had to wander around a map and uncover a plot. It was a really great game, one that's ideas seemed to fit the 'psycho' in Caleb really well. After stewing over the web site idea for ages, all we wanted to do was have some fun- hence the comedy aspect of the site :) Yes, this kind of creativity is what Gods 2 will be all about. While I can't say Gods 2 will be as relaxed, every new idea we can come up with will appear in there. We won't stop until Gods 2 makes you laugh, cry and hurt. (just my daily dose of corny there ;)

Q: On your web site, there's a Caleb comic called G.I. Joe: A Real American Psycho. Any chance we'll see some more Caleb inspired lunacy like this?

A: For sure :) The only thing stopping us from doing more right now is the fact we're a couple of busy lads. I'm not sure where it came from actually… just something fun we had to do so people could relax and enjoy the site. I'm pretty confident there'll be more once Gods 2's out (day of release actually) because as one can see, the story isn't finished yet =)

Q: Seeing as how you've now created maps for both the original Blood and Blood 2, what impresses you the most about the new engine.

A: Oooo, the pretty lighting ;) It's going to allow us to add in some really atmospheric places, that's for sure. The nice thing about Lithtech is that it has some of the smoothest lighting. This means we can get things looking a lot softer and not so garish. We'll just have to wait and see what else we can uncover, but for now the lighting is yummy :)

Q: Was there anything you could do with the original's Build engine, that you wish you could replicate with B2's LithTech engine?

A: Unfortunately, yes. The switches don't seem to have the flexibility of the ol' Build engine, which is a shame. That doesn't mean Lithtech can't offer more in other areas, but the switches are something we grew pretty fond of in Build. Hopefully though, this kind of thing can be rectified with that ancient of techniques called programming :)

Q: Any last words?

A: Please don't kill me! Hehe, serious for a moment, here's all we'll give away about the plot. (which isn't much) You'll meet the Imperial Cabal sect, fight an ancient God, run screaming from the Wild Shikari and participate in the most dangerous mexican standoff ever staged. Well, that's if you make it far enough... :)

Oh and, my pet monkey is named Gerald. Hmmm, so much for last words =)

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