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An X-Files novel by Kristel St. Johns

After years of searching, Mulder finally thinks he has found the answer to Samantha's disappearance. But on the eve of his mother's funeral, he discovers that once again, he has been mislead.

Just as he's ready to give up the search entirely, Samantha re-enters his life. Suddenly, Mulder and Scully find themselves in possession of information that could expose the entire conspiracy that destroyed the Mulder family, but will they be able to bring the information to light in time to save Samantha, and themselves?



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"Control... It is my most cherished possession
and my most reviled character flaw..."

Scully, "Aphrodisia I - Scaling the Last Wall"

It's the side of sexuality very few people understand. Some even call it the dark side. But when life holds you captive, where do you go to escape? Mulder and Scully explore control and trust issues as they delve into a fantasy in which they will discover their darkest passions and deepest fears.

"You trust me with your life and your body, but you don't trust me enough to let me know when you're hurting. If we pursue this, you're going to have to trust me with a hell of a lot more than your life...If we do this, the words 'I'm fine' can't exist in your vocabulary anymore."
Mulder, "Aphrodisia II - Fear, Trust and Desire"


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These are a series of stories and vignettes set in the Hegira universe. Some are rated NC-17, so please read responsibly. 

Paths of Faith (PG) 
post-all things. Scully ponders the events of all things in light of the events of Hegira 

Paths of Sorrow (PG-13) 
mid-Requiem. On the eve of his return to Oregon, Mulder considers his fate. 

Hollywood Nights (NC-17)

post-Hollywood A.D. Mulder is understandably agitated by the intimations about Scully and Skinner made in the movie The Lazarus Bowl. 

These are several stories I wrote back in 1996/97 when I first discovered fanfic.

Someone to Lean On (PG) 
Scully and Mulder have a chance to bond after she receives a difficult invitation. 

The Seductress (PG-13) 
Someone has been mugging men in Chicago in a most peculiar way. 

Recovery of Faith (PG) 
In the aftermath of Wetwired Mulder fears there may exist trust issues between he and Scully. Can they recover together?

  Take This Cup... (PG) 
post-Demons. As she confronts her own mortality, Scully fears for Mulder.

  Letting Go (PG)
This was written when spoilers for Redux II first came out stating we would see the Samantha story resolved. My version of how the Samantha-quest should have ended.

Tonight You Were Here (PG) 
mid-Redux II. Was Scully really sleeping during Mulder's late-night visit? 

A series of stories, vaguely referrencing the Hegira universe,
which take place post Requiem.

Gifts (PG-13)
mid-to-post-Season 8. A prequel to In Darkness, Light.
For months, Scully has been alone and pregnant, with the bittersweet
knowledge of what her partner tried to do for her. Now, together again,
they must deal with the consequences of their own actions and emotions.
Contains spoilers and speculation for upcoming S8 episodes.

In Darkness, Light (NC-17)
mid-to-post-Season 8. Late at night, Scully considers her pregnancy
and her relationship with Mulder.

No Such Thing As Happily Ever After (PG-13)
a sequel to Gifts and In Darkness, Light. Post-XF.
Mulder and Scully discover that leaving everything behind and starting
over isn't as easy as they imagined.

Season 7 Timeline
My idea of how and when things happened.

This was my first ever X-Files writing endeavor. Inspired by Anne
Hayne's remarkable work, 12 Degrees of Separation, I felt compelled
to create a sequel in the universe she had created.

As the one year anniversary of their marriage approaches, Scully is
kidnapped. Can Mulder find her in time to save her--and their unborn
child--from becoming the next victims of a madman?

Please be aware that this is an unofficial sequel.

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Every once in a while you just gotta blather...

The Relationshipper Manifesto
Written on a challenge issued long ago on alt.tv.x-files,
this explains why I feel Mulder and Scully could and
should be together (romantically) on the show.

The Pregnancy Manifesto
Think the Scully pregnancy can't possibly be good for the show?
Think again!

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