Searching for Solutions in Games and Artificial Intelligence

L. Victor Allis

ISBN 90-9007488-0

Thinking games are investigated from the perspective of research in Artificial Intelligence. In the introduction the relevance of such investigations is discussed. Then, two new search techniques, proof-number search and dependency-based search are described, which have been developed while solving the games connect-four (see M.Sc. thesis by the same author), qubic and go-moku . Finally, the complexity and state-of-the-art in computer game playing is described for each of the games in the so-called Olympic List of 15 well-known games, leading to a prediction for the future of games .

The thesis consists of the preliminary (16 pages), which include a table of contents, list of tables, list of figures and preface, followed by chapter 1 (12 pages, introduction), chapter 2 (52 pages, proof-number search), chapter 3 (30 pages, dependency-based search), chapter 4 (26 pages, qubic), chapter 5 (34 pages, go-moku) and chapter 6 (30 pages, which games will survive?), an appendix (2 pages), a English summary (2 pages), a Dutch summary (2 pages), a curriculum vitae of the author (1 page), a bibliography (10 pages) and an index (5 pages).

A PDF-version of this thesis, made by Francois Grieu, can be found here .

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Victor Allis is currently a Senior Consultant at Bolesian , the market leader in knowledge technology in the Netherlands.

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