Documents on Slavery in Boone County, Kentucky

A Bond of Blood and Stone
Elizabeth Testerman

Henrietta Woods of Florence

Asa:    The First Black Baptist Preacher in Boone County, Kentucky

The Story of Letty, Asa's Sister

A List of Slaves and Slaveowners
Bullitsburg Baptist Church, Boone Co. Kentucky

Slave Births from the Kirtley Bible

A Hanging for Murder
Florence, Kentucky, 1858

Julius Yanuck, "The Garner Fugitive Slave Case" [1856]
Mississippi Valley Historical Review
Volume XL, Number 1, June, 1953.
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Material on the Garner Fugitive Slave Case, 1856

A "Slave Stampede" in Boone County, 1854

A Slavery Suit by John Norris, 1850

A Slave Murder, 1849

Sister Sealy, a Boone County Slave, tries to poison her owners, 1848

"Infamous": Recovering Runaway Slaves, 1847

Murder, or Self-Defense? 1846

Boone County Patrols in Slavery Days, 1836

A Slave Transaction, 1825

The Case against Joseph, 1825

Whipping as a Public Disgrace: The Story of Prince

Thomas Campbell and Slavery in Boone County, 1819

A Slave Transaction, 1811

The Murder Indictment of Ralf, a Boone County Slave, 1805

The Murder Trial of Ralf and Ned, Boone County, 1805

Slavery and Its Aftermath in Boone County

A Cross-Burning in Boone County, 2004

Analysis of Cross-Burning Case

Paul Tanner, Slavery in Boone County (And Its Aftermath), 1994


Local Historian Tells More About Slaves. Prof. A. M. Yealey

Boone History