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Immanuel Loew
(1854-1944), rabbi and scholar.

In 1878 he succeeded his father, Leopold Loew, as rabbi of Szeged, Hungary. The fine Szeged synagogue built in 1903 was designed according to Loew's plans. In the 'white terror' of 1920-21 he was imprisoned for over a year for alleged statements against Admiral M. Horthy. From 1927 Immanuel Loew represented the Neolog (non-Orthodox) communities of Hungary in the upper chamber of the Hungarian parliament. In 1944, when he was 90, the Germans sent him to a brick factory and put him on a deportation train. However, he was released and died in Budapest. He was a famous preacher and four volumes of his sermons were published. His scholarly renown rests on his rabbinic lexicography and studies of artifacts. Best-known is his four-volume Die Flora des Juden on terminology of the flora in Jewish sources.

Selected Bibliography:

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