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ESP. Driving toward a cleaner future.

Everyone can imagine a cleaner future. ESP is doing something better - we're taking you there.

Our emissions testing technologies help to make the air cleaner by conducting over 12.8 million tests a year, identifying the worst polluting vehicles and "clean screening" the cleanest vehicles, making it possible for them to skip a scheduled test at a fixed facility. As the first and largest contractor of state emission programs and holding more than 100 patents, ESP has a history to live up to. And with proprietary technologies like ESP's AccuScanTM remote sensing technology to monitor exhaust emissions while you drive, we have a cleaner future to look forward to as well.

Enjoy the ride.

Who we are
ESP is the leader in vehicle emissions and safety testing. For more than 25 years, ESP has been creating innovative products and services that lead the way in the automotive inspection and maintenance industry.

What we do
We improve the environment. ESP products and services support clean air emissions programs in the US and around the world - including solutions for independent inspection stations and state programs.

What we offer
In a word - Vision. ESP combines technologies that are first in the industry with turnkey solutions that help you meet today's government requirements for clean air - and prepare you for the next generation of vehicle testing.