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The rail industry has been at Alert Level 2 since the end of 2001. At this level, the security rules provide that the rail industry suspend tracing capabilities for restricted commodities by unauthenticated users. As a result, Union Pacific has eliminated information about equipment containing restricted commodities from unsecure applications. Please review our Security page for more information on Security Level Updates (User ID and password required).

Customers: Chemical
To streamline transactions for your company and Union Pacific, we are implementing a change for all Chemicals shipments. Within the next year, there will be ONLY four options available to transmit movement instructions (bill of lading, equipment placement, and equipment release communication). The four options provide a more accurate, timely and efficient method to ship with UP.

Allowable electronic options:

Benefits to you include :

On the dates below, Union Pacific will implement this change and will no longer accept or process movement instructions received via any other method (e.g., fax) for Chemical shipments. This policy is already in effect for many UP shipments moving with our various other business teams.

Commodity Implementation Date

Fertilizer, Phosphate Rock, Sulfur,
Sulfuric Acid and other related products
Soda Ash, Phosphorus, Sodium Compounds,
and other related products
Plastics 01/01/2005
Liquid and Dry Chemicals, LPG, Petroleum
Products and other related products

Help available to make an easy transition:

Please contact your UP representative if you have additional questions.

Customers: Industrial Development
Searching for land? Our Industrial Development group has launched a new "Useful Tool," an online database of information on parcels of property available for sale or development along the Union Pacific system, as listed by the property owner. Search features allow interested parties to narrow their selections based on such categories as location, size and zoning. You will be asked to establish a user name and password, and any information you provide will be used solely for the purpose of aiding a site selection process.

General Public: Challenger No. 3985
GPS technology allows fans to follow the Challenger No 3985 steam locomotive as it returns to Houston to pull trains for several charitable events associated with the George Bush Presidential Library, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and Points of Light Foundation.

Customers: Price Change Notification
UP now offers customers the ability to receive e-mail and Web notification on pricing document changes. The new application allows you to subscribe to receive notification of changes for all public UP-published prices. You'll find this new offering on the left navigation bar inside MyUPRR. Sign up now to receive these pricing notifications. A User ID is required; register to move forward.

Customers: Problem Resolution
The improved design of our problem resolution system offers several enhancements that make doing business with Union Pacific's National Customer Service Center easier. The changes include:

Customers: Industrial Products
UP is changing policies regarding car-turning services for all business and diversion/reconsignments for Lumber. Our Bulletin provides details.

Customers: Industrial Products
To support growing customer interest, customers will now find Sail 2 Rail import Lumber product information available in Portuguese.

Customers: Industrial Products
Our Machinery & Dimensional price structure is improving with rates that are more flexible and more competitive. See our latest Bulletin for details.

Customers: Industrial Products
UP is changing car ordering processes. Our Bulletin outlines specifics.


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